How to contact a TIM operator

Do you want to change operators and switch to TIM or are you struggling with all sorts of issues with subscriptions, rates and promotions and do you need to contact a TIM operator? Here is how to do it and what are the channels that TIM makes available to its customers to speak with an operator.


The TIM company , just like all the other telephone operators, makes available to all its customers a vast network of options to contact assistance when you need to speak to an operator. Talking to a TIM operator is not an impossible task, unlike what is believed due to the sometimes really unnerving expectations, but you just need to choose the channel that’s right for you.

After all, assistance is something we just can’t do without, especially if we have problems with our manager’s subscription, with promotions and rates and, above all, with the Internet and the telephone line at home.

The first thing to know about the request for assistance is that the TIM website offers a section dedicated to assistance. In this virtual place you can view all the most frequently asked questions , with important indications on how to solve certain problems, and reading carefully it is not excluded that you can find the solution to your problem in a few minutes.

Just use the search engine and enter the keyword based on your problem in the appropriate bar; in a few minutes you will be directed to the most prominent discussions that contain the keyword you have typed.

The support page is divided into four parts; line and service management, cost and payment control, technical support and configurations and content and smart life . In this way it will be easier to address your requests; each part is divided into subcategories that illustrate hypothetical problems that the user may encounter. Just click on the one that best matches the problem you have and the questions and answers section will appear.

If in this way you are unable to obtain useful information, nor can you solve your problem, then you need to contact support in order to speak with an operator. At this point, there are two solutions: the telephone number for assistance and social media , which in the social era of the internet also deal with providing assistance to the customers of large telephone companies.


To speak to a Vodafone operator by telephone, it is best to contact 119 , the official TIM telephone support number. An automatic voice will answer the call and, by selecting the numbers of the telephone keys, it will guide you, step by step, towards the solution of your problem.

After listening to the initial voice and the introductory message, in general, it is necessary to click on the number 2 and wait for the automatic voice to always start listing all the possible options concerning the way to proceed. The key 4, however, is generally to dedicated support and enables you to get in touch directly with the telephone operator .

The number 3 must be clicked twice in succession to request technical or commercial assistance and immediately afterwards it is necessary to press 5 and then 0 again to speak with the operator. The waiting times are variable , based on the waiting list that the operator has to face. Remember not to hang up the phone ahead of time in order not to lose your priority and not to start all the procedure over again.

The sequence of the number of keys, remember, is not always fixed or the same over time, but may be subject to changes over time based on software updates. Therefore, do not take all these indications literally, but always listen carefully to all the indications of the automatic voice. The number 119 is active every day, 24 hours a day . The call is free, from a landline and a mobile phone, but only if the number from which the call originates is a TIM number.

If you need assistance but the operator is not immediately available, and this occurs mostly during the night, TIM offers its customers the opportunity to book assistance . The service works very simply: you can request to be contacted as soon as possible by simply pressing the 1 key. The operator will call you back as soon as possible, but remember that this is a paid service and those who use it will be charged 1 euro on the own telephone account.

If the problems concern the fixed line, and TIM subscriptions for the Internet, and you need to contact an operator, the best way to do this is to contact the number 187 , made available only and exclusively for customers who have chosen the fixed telephony of TIM. The call will be guided by an automatic voice that will show you, by selecting the keys on your mobile phone, the best way to proceed and solve your problem.

After listening to the introductory message, click on button 1 if you need to receive commercial information and then on button 1 again to contact a TIM operator. If, on the other hand, what you need is technical assistance, click on button 2, then button 1 if you have Internet connection problems and button 2 for all other problems not covered by this.

Again, remember that the sequence of numbers can change over time. Do not take it literally, therefore, but always listen to the automatic voice carefully so as not to risk wasting time and start the procedure over again.


If, on the other hand, you want to avoid telephone waiting and prefer to use social channels directly, you have several options to choose from. Twitter and Facebook are the most used social networks for requesting assistance, also by virtue of the fact that they are the most popular ones by the majority of users, and using them to request assistance is quick and easy.

To contact support via Twitter, you must proceed in this way: contact one of the company’s official accounts and send a tweet with which you ask for help. In short, you will be contacted by an operator to whom you can explain your problem. TIM’s official Twitter accounts are: @ TIM4UAlessio, @ TIM4UGiulia, @ TIM4UStefano for mobile telephony, @ TIM4ULuca, @ TIM4UFabio and @ TIM4USara for fixed telephony. In 140 characters you will have to explain your problem, or doubt, simply by waiting to be contacted.

Remember to use tweets only to request assistance and not to publicly write your data and those of any subscriptions, for privacy reasons and for a matter of security and protection of your personal data. Once the operator contacts you, you will have the possibility to insert all your personal data into the private message that you will have to send.

To contact support via Facebook , however, you simply have to send a message in private mail , after connecting to the official TIM Facebook page. Remember to never write your personal data or those of your subscription on the bulletin board and, if you really want to use the bulletin board, use it only to request general information.

The message, which is fundamental, must always contain the telephone number where you want to be contacted, in the name and surname of the sim holder and the tax code. We also recommend inserting the hashtag #TIMmobile or #TIMfisso in the message if you need to request assistance for the fixed line.


Finally, to contact TIM assistance, there are not only the channels that we have just illustrated. In fact, TIM provides several toll-free numbers, therefore free of charge, dedicated to different types of customers. Here’s what they are and when to use them.

800447788 : this is the toll-free number dedicated to ADSL customers – PC Assistance. It can be reached every day of the week and is active from 8.00 to 22.00. Through this number you can request telephone support for problems concerning PCs and Tablets purchased with a subscription from Telecom Italia.

800187800 : this is the toll-free number for IPTV customers who need information regarding installations and requests for appointments for technical assistance.

800020955 : this is the number dedicated to TIM deaf people. It can be used to send a message to request information regarding different types of requests to Telecom Italia.

800000195 : Fax for the deaf, to request information and assistance from Telecom Italia.

800000314 : this is the toll-free number used to request the renewal of the 50% reduction or the exemption of the monthly subscription according to the rules regulated by law.

800134134 : Toll-free number to request information on Public Telephony ;

800254232 : You can call this number from your line to check the name of the  Manager from which the calls are made ;

800578722 : Toll-free number to directly check the name of your  ADSL Manager ;

800315429 : Toll-free number for requests to  move poles , cables and other infrastructures belonging to Telecom Italia

800.41.50.42 : Toll-free number for reporting  of Telecom Italia poles , cables and infrastructures;

800.13.31.31 : Toll-free number for Cartographies / site inspection requests   for Telecom Italia systems;

800414472 : Toll-free number for connection requests  for new buildings .


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