How to reset the iPhone

Does your iPhone get a tantrum and are you thinking of changing it? Wait, maybe you can first try to reset it completely to improve its functionality and make it faster by restarting its performance from scratch. And if you don’t know which way to start resetting the phone, here is a practical guide that explains how to do it step by step.


The iPhone is considered one of the most solid smartphones but, like all mobile devices, it certainly cannot have unlimited life. Indeed, wear, time, updates and available space that is not infinite can slow down the phone giving the impression that its performance has inevitably decreased after a few years of use.

After some time, moreover, even the most avant-garde smartphone seems to no longer have optimal performance; it may happen to see it slower and that the phone seems almost flooded. In these situations it is easy to think that the time has come to replace the phone but, perhaps, before spending more money there is a solution: reset it .

But resetting the iPhone isn’t the only useful solution to fix it, clean it up and make it more efficient. In fact, you can resort to this decision even if you want to sell your used phone and you need to empty it , for privacy reasons, of all the applications and settings contained in the memory.

So, get to work and do not be afraid that resetting the phone is a difficult, technical and competence operation only for IT experts. Everyone can reset their iPhone; you just need to know how to do it and carefully follow some but fundamental guidelines .


One of the possible options is to do a factory reset, which requires, however, that all applications, data, photos and address book are deleted. Sometimes, however, this operation is necessary, especially when errors come into play which prevent the phone from being turned on, charging the battery normally and having proper operation .

Furthermore, full reset is practically the only possible option in case you have to sell the old phone or otherwise give it to another person without being afraid that your personal data will be compromised.


Resetting the iPhone means resetting it completely, emptying it of all its functions, and increasing its performance by improving its quality. But how do you reset an iPhone? All you need is the iTunes software, essential to reset the iOS operating system. So let’s see how to do it and what are all the steps to be taken to reset the iPhone. Follow them to the letter and you will see that this operation will be simpler than what you can think for a smartphone like the iPhone.

First you need to download the updated version of iOS and, if you don’t have it, it is mandatory to install it on your smartphone and restore all the data and applications that were present on the smartphone using all the backup data.

First, then, turn on the computer and start iTunes. The software is already present on Mac while it must be specifically downloaded and then installed if you use PCs with Windows . To download iTunes, connect to the Apple site, download the application to your computer and open the whole package by completing the procedure by clicking first on “Next” and then on “Install”. This is very simple and takes only a few minutes.

Once this is done, the first thing to do is to deactivate the “find my iPhone” function . This step is essential for resetting the device since this function, when activated, does not make it possible to restore the phone to the factory settings. The procedure is very simple: access the Settings, select the iCloud item and then “Find my iPhone” . Then move the lever to “off” and enter your usual password which will be requested.

After you have taken this first step, the phone is ready to be reset. What you need to do now is to connect the iPhone to the USB port of your computer using the cable that you received supplied with the phone. If it is the first time that you connect the phone to the PC you will have to wait for iTunes to start up and you will have to press the “authorize” button that will appear on the screen.

At this point, you can select from iTunes the icon of the iPhone that you find in the upper left and back up the phone ; in this way you can recover and secure all your data, from photos to applications. Backup is a relatively simple procedure, which however may take a few more minutes, which increase exponentially based on the amount of data that must be saved. When the backup is complete, enter the File menu, click on “Devices” and then on “Transfer from iPhone” ; in this way you will be able to directly save in iTunes all the contents present in the iPhone, such as books and music that you have not yet stored on your computer.

Those just explained are operations that represent a first preparatory phase in view of the reset of the iPhone which, if you have followed the previous steps to the letter, you can carry out now. Directly from iTunes you can now click on “Restore iPhone” , an option that you can find at the top right, accept all the conditions of iOS and then click on Restore and update, followed by the confirmation that you will be asked.

From this moment on, you won’t have to do anything; all you have to take care of is that iTunes does its job, downloads the latest version of the operating system and returns the device directly to its factory state. The operation, depending on the cases, could also be prolonged, but you have patience and let the devices work.

When the restore is complete you have two possibilities . The first is to activate the phone with a new terminal , while the second is to restore all the data that was previously loaded on the phone. If you choose the first option you will not have to do absolutely nothing, if not disconnect the phone from the computer, eject the device and follow the initial configuration procedure, just as if the iPhone were new.

You will then have to enter the language, the country, set up the wifi connection, enter the Apple ID and add the location . If instead you choose to sell the iPhone, for example, disconnect it from the computer and turn it off. The new owner of the phone will then take care of the configuration, just as if he had purchased a new one.

If, on the other hand, you intend to restore the old data and then restore all the applications and data recovered from the backup, you will have to tick the item “restore from this backup” and select, directly from iTunes, the drop-down menu indicating which backup is to be restored . Again the procedure may take a few minutes depending on the case.


But connecting the iPhone to your computer, or Mac, isn’t the only solution you have available. In fact, you can also proceed directly from the phone , simply taking advantage of the function that iPhone makes available in the iOS settings.

Then access the Home, enter the Settings and select the General option. At this point you just have to click first on “restore” and then on “delete content and settings” . In this way the phone will be completely reset and all settings and data will be deleted. At a later time it will be necessary to enter the code to unlock the phone and confirm the operation by clicking the button that will appear on the screen below.


What we have just shown you is the simplest way to completely reset the iPhone, but it is good to remind you that there are also other options , perhaps less extreme.

The first is the one that allows you to click on “reset settings” if you want to proceed with a reset but prefer to save your data.

The second involves choosing the ” reset network settings ” option if you want to proceed with a reset of the entire configuration of the wireless networks and the data connection.

The third is restoring the keyboard dictionary to reset its settings to zero , or restoring the layout to set the order of the home icons from scratch.

The last option, however, is the one that concerns the restoration of privacy and from the position if you want to reset the settings that concern the privacy and the location.


If errors of any kind occur that do not allow you to reset the iPhone and bring it back to the state it would be in if it were a new phone, do not despair, because you can play one last card that can be very useful in these cases.

It is about bringing the phone into DFU Mode , a sort of mode that allows you to completely erase the content in the memory of your phone. In this way, all the steps during which, obviously, the error occurred are easily circumvented.

To proceed with DFU mode, you must connect the phone to the computer and turn it off by holding down the Power button for a few seconds . At this point, hold down the Power and Home buttons simultaneously and for a few seconds, then release the Power button and hold the Home button again until iTunes detects the device in recovery mode.


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