How to talk to a Fastweb operator

Do you need assistance regarding the services provided by Fastweb? Or are you struggling with various problems with the Internet subscription or the ADSL that makes the whims? There is only one solution: contact support to speak with a Fastweb operator. Here is how to do it and what are all the possibilities available to customers who face problems and malfunctions.


All the major companies are provided with customer support and Fastweb is also equipped with its channels to get in touch with customers. Moreover, both customers and Fastweb have entered into a mobile phone contract, and those who have signed up for an Internet subscription for the home often need to clarify any doubts and ask their questions directly to an operator.

The reasons for contacting assistance are different; blocking of active services on your telephone number, commercial or administrative changes or malfunctioning of a service, in addition to various reports for faults. Alternatively, you may need to contact support even if you are not a Fastweb customer, but rather, precisely because you want to become one by subscribing to one of the subscriptions offered to new customers.

If you find yourself in one of these cases, contacting support is practically a must. To do this, and to speak directly with a Fastweb operator , you have several channels at your disposal, ranging from more traditional choices to new social channels that allow you to streamline, and much more, requests for assistance.

Often, in fact, many customers complain about the long waits on the phone that force those who need to talk to an operator to waste long before the call is accepted. Today, however, there are many other ways to contact support and, with a little practice among the most used social media, the operation becomes very simple.

Here then are all the channels that Fastweb makes available to contact assistance and how to make the most of them.


The most traditional method to request the assistance of an operator is to contact customer service through the telephone number that Fastweb makes available to all its customers. The contact number is a toll-free number, therefore free of charge, and to get in touch with the assistance, just dial 192 193 , active every day and 24 hours a day, only for problems that require technical assistance. You can therefore use this number for assistance with ADLS and the Internet, especially if you are dealing with various inconveniences, such as the total absence of the Internet at home or as a dancer connection that does not allow you to fully connect.

If, on the other hand, you have other needs , for example of an administrative nature , such as for example the request for information or explanations regarding subscriptions, promotions and new Fastweb offers, you can contact the same number but in the time slot between 9.00 and 21.00 . also in this case the number is free if you call from a landline phone, while it varies according to your tariff plan if you call from a mobile phone.


All Fastweb customers know the MyFastpage area ; this is the virtual space you can access, with login and password, through the official Fastweb website. From here, using the menu located at the top left, you can access the “assistance” option: you will find all the information regarding technical assistance, the resolution of administrative malfunctions, user guides, forms and character information strictly commercial.

Also from this section of the site you can request direct assistance and speak directly with an operator; just click on “account and subscription” or on “technical failure” from the “online assistance” window located on the right of the page. When you have submitted the request, an operator will contact you within 48 hours.


Fastweb also has a Facebook page which, in addition to being an important promotional showcase to let old and new customers discover all the company’s offers and new proposals, can be used by users to request assistance.

To contact Fastweb via Facebook, just leave a private message in the mail with all your data and those of your subscription: specify what is the reason why you request assistance and in a short time, depending on how fastweb takes to handle requests , you will be contacted by an operator.

Always remember that it is good to write the message in the private mail of the page and not on the bulletin board, not only for privacy reasons but also to safeguard all your personal data and those relating to your subscription.


In the panorama of social media, which has now become a very important tool for communicating with companies and telephone operators, Twitter cannot be missing. Indeed, if you don’t use Facebook, this is the best way to contact support via social media.

Requesting assistance on Twitter is easy, fast and tweet-proof. Just tweet on the official channel, @fastwebhelp . An operator will contact you asking you to send a private message containing all your data and, if necessary, you will be contacted again by phone. It all depends on the type of assistance you need. In any case, the service is active from 9.00 to 21.00 , during the week and on weekends.

Even with Twitter, remember to limit yourself to sending a simple tweet with the request for help and never referring to private personal data or subscriptions. Wait for assistance to contact you and ask for all the necessary data.


If you are a Fastweb customer with a strong social soul, you will surely have already downloaded MyFastweb , the official application available iOS and Android that allows all Fastweb customers to be able to access different services in a simple and practical way. From here you will not only be able to manage your personal profile and take into account the operations regarding subscriptions and promotions, but you will also be able to access the support area designed for all Fastweb customers. From here you can request assistance and book a call that Fastweb will forward to you in the shortest possible time. The application is free and can be downloaded in a few seconds on the Google Play Store or from the Apple Store.


Have you been keeping an eye on Fastweb for some time because you want to change operator or are you attracted to a particular offer? The best way to find out more is to contact support. In this way you can have all the information you are looking for in a short time and you can present doubts and questions directly to the operator.

If you want to subscribe to Fastweb, the best way to do it is to contact the number 146 , free of charge if you call from the landline, from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 22.00 . If, on the other hand, you have been Fastweb customers in the past, you have deactivated a subscription but you still want to speak with an operator, you can call the number 0245400126. 

If, on the other hand, you are a small business and you want to know the new Fastweb offers and find out if there is a subscription that could be right for you, you can contact the number 192.194, from Monday to Friday and from 9.00 to 19.00


If none of these ways to talk to an operator satisfies you and you prefer the traditional way, that is, go directly to the shop to ask for assistance, you can do it at any Fastweb point that is located in dedicated stores.

First, however, it is good to access the Fastweb website, access your personal “my Fast Page” section and click on the section dedicated to Fastweb assistance, services and shops. At this point you can access a very detailed interactive map that will show you not only how many Fastweb points exist throughout Italy , but also which one is closest to you.

The stores are grouped in proprietary stores, simple Fastweb points, authorized resellers and franchises. Here you will find operators and qualified personnel who will be able to answer all your questions and provide you with the assistance you need, to sign up for a subscription, to take part in promotions and offers and to directly request assistance via the Internet line at home.


Finally, do not forget to consult the official Fastweb forum , which you can access directly from the web page, in case of doubt. The forum is a space shared by other customers who, if in the past they had encountered a problem similar to the one you have now, could help you solve it in no time, streamlining the entire procedure related to the request for assistance from an operator.

The forum is well structured and divided into news, fixed network services, mobile network services and communities . In this way it will be easier for the user to identify the area, subdivided in turn into a subcategory, in which to ask his question or his doubts.

The Community section is particularly useful, for several reasons. In the first place because it offers, to those who are new to the forum, a kind of welcome guide, which briefly explains how to use the forum and how to move between the different topics . Secondly, because, as soon as you are logged into the section, the first post you will be directed to is precisely what illustrates how to request assistance.

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