Addressing the challenges of internal communication today can be tedious for companies that have not jumped the technology gap. If it is difficult for a company to work with technological tools, it will be even more difficult to reach its workers. Because most people have accepted the intervention of technology to improve communication in their lives. One of the technologies that has received the most acceptance in recent years has been mobile.

Today, modern companies face challenges with technology . An alternative to face communication challenges in an innovative way is through a mobile application for workers.

The trend today and for the coming years is to exploit the benefits of mobile use. This because it is the second most used device in the world, only surpassed by television.

Today we present the 8 communication challenges and how to face them through an app for workers.



Feedback is important at all levels of the company. Not only does it determine how well your employees have met their goals, but how well they collaborate with their coworkers.

Lack of feedback can lead to demotivation, while positive feedback makes work more fun, engages people, and encourages positive development. There is no point in getting feedback but acting on it.

The goal should be to collect feedback and then use it to improve or change your strategies. Knowing how important feedback is. Gcomunica provides surveys for its workers, it even allows integrating different data collection software.


Whether your workers are in the company or not. Every day they receive phone calls, text messages, they are even connected to chat services and social networks. An average person receives up to 120 emails per day . With this information overload, the most important news is often lost, deleted or forgotten.

An easy solution is to combine the existing channels into one in order to reduce the burden of email. Gcomunicaoffers this solution. With an application you get the opportunity to send push notifications, which will be seen instantly, since they arrive immediately on the mobile. In addition, you can upload important information as news, so that your workers will always have a single channel of information and can consult it at all times.


Some of the most prevalent reasons why employees are dissatisfied with their jobs are related to communications. Sometimes it happens that managers do not direct enough information or there is a constant change without sufficiently communicating it to employees.

Gcomunica offers solutions to improve communication. With gcomunica you can communicate your goals and news through a universal channel, so that all areas or departments understand the same information.


Today, we no longer only work on computers but with tablets, smartphones, laptops, ultrabooks, smartwatches and with paper . People have 5 email addresses, 3 phones. 2 laptops, 4 phone numbers. To ensure that the information reaches your workers, you must communicate in the appropriate channels. Let them work with the devices they feel most comfortable with.

Most of the time it will be your smartphone. Device that we collect more than 85 times a day, being the first and last thing we look at.

Solutions like a mobile app for workers is an alternative.


Often teaching workers about standards, the history of the organization among other topics becomes difficult. The goal should be to create a clear and easy-to-understand manual for the integration process . In this way, the rookie quickly feels part of the team and does not interrupt. In addition, a clearly designed manual for the process saves time. This ensures that everyone has the same introduction and is easy to distribute.

In gcomunica you can upload a manual that opens as soon as the employee accesses the application and goes through everything they need to know step by step.


Striving for language barriers can be a challenge for a global company. Communication can become slow, ineffective, and ultimately non-existent.

If you want the parent company to be the only one to send information to the other subsidiaries, you will have to translate the news into multiple languages and promote intercultural training, so you will have to invest in translation.

A mobile application for this type of multinational companies is perfect. TheGcomunica app It can offer content in different languages ​​and change the settings automatically depending on the language of the device in which it is used.

Likewise, if you need to have application administrators for each subsidiary, gcomunica does allow it. In this way, they will be able to translate the official news and generate content to inform the workers of their respective subsidiaries.


One of the challenges of communication is the overload of irrelevant information. To avoid information overload on workers, you must filter what information is really necessary for  when, where and by whom . Therefore, it is useful to create different groups and communicate specific information for each specific group .

An advanced app like gcomunica will allow you to define user groups and target content.

This way you will have control over the distribution of content and therefore obtain more exact metrics.


Many companies, human resources and communications departments do not have the money to develop their own internal communication system. Especially one that is molded specifically to your needs. Now that the technology and software are well received, a good alternative is to turn to external providers like Gcomunica that give you the opportunity to do effective communication in an affordable way.


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