Code execution has been interrupted – Solution – Excel – MACROS VBA

Everyone who has used a PC knows that errors are a relatively recurring problem, this also happens within Windows, errors such as Execution of the Code has been Interrupted are common within this popular software.

Code Execution Has Been Interrupted – Solution – Excel – MACROS VBA

Have you ever encountered this problem? It can be very annoying if it is recurrent, if this is the case, do not worry, there are some useful measures . It is a recurring problem within Excel and although it has no specific cause, there are some clues.

Something is clear, this happens when we are using macros within Excel. When the error appears, the system cannot execute the macro properly, the warning is only an indication of an internal problem with the application.

The truth is that there are many problems that arise when using Excel, such as “Excel found a problem that prevents it from working correctly” and it is important to know how to solve them all so that they do not affect the use of the application, so we show you this guide for the error of the “Code has been interrupted.”

What you need to know to understand the problem

This is a problem that can be caused by several reasons, but first you must take into account what is its basis.

What is a macro?

Macros are a functionality present in many applications, in fact it is not something exclusive to Excel, since in many different applications we can access these functions .

Macros seek to facilitate the development of tasks within our PCs, for example, it is possible to use macros to count cells with data , undoubtedly being a fundamental aspect of the Software.

To summarize, a macro is described as saving actions to be played later. Macros are also defined as the repetition of complex actions, which are accessed with simple key combinations or through other methods.

This function is very useful, since through its use we can repeat complex functions very easily. Something very practical when actions are executed on a recurring basis, such as the creation of a specific Excel table.

What causes the error code execution has been Interrupted?

Unlike formula errors like “# DIV / 0! # N / A # VALUE »that can be easily corrected with this error things change, since unfortunately there is no single cause that makes it appear, in fact it is one of those problems that can have so many causes that we cannot define one in that causes the warning to appear.

However, there is a hypothesis that it may be due to the unintentional use of a specific key combination. We refer to the combination of the Ctrl key and the Pause key .

It is well known that this combination of keys prohibits the execution of macros, which is why the problem can occur precisely by pressing both keys without meaning to . In any case, it is only a possible cause and in fact it is unlikely, since the keys are too far apart to press them by accident.

Code execution has been interrupted – Solution – Excel – MACROS VBA

Although this problem can be generated for many reasons, the truth is that we know when it occurs and it is precisely when we execute a macro . For this reason we can determine that the problem appears specifically after the execution of it.

As we mentioned earlier, the combination of the Ctrl + Pause keys may be the cause of the problem. Understanding this, we can disable its execution through the configuration of the problem macro.

  • Having properly located the macro that produces the error, we will proceed to position ourselves on it and press the Alt + F11 key combination .
  • When you press this combination, a code will appear on the screen, this is the macro code.
  • On the left you will find a small menu with several tabs. In this space the modules option is located, below it you will see the module of your macro, which is usually called Module1 , although if you have several macros it is possible that several modules will appear.
  • After the Sub row, you will need to create a line with the following code: Application.EnableCancelKey: xlDisabled .
  • This should solve the problem if it was related to what was raised earlier. You can use it in each of the macros that have this problem.

The above method may not be the definitive solution, but it has proven to be very efficient for many people. Remember that this and other tutorials you will find in Miracomosehace, a space for anyone who wants to learn in the simplest way .

In any case, it is worth noting that one way to obtain stability is by updating Microsoft Office 2016 to the latest version , since the company is constantly solving various errors or otherwise it shows the solutions to users.


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