How to Recover Real Capacity of USB Memory

External storage devices or USB memory are widely used by millions of people in the world. Currently, a lot of digital information is handled and one of the best ways to transport them is through these small teams. They are very useful and it is possible to recover your real USB memory capacity – troubleshoot USB problems.

How to Recover Real Capacity from USB Memory – Fix USB Problems

Sometimes it happens that the partitions of some USB devices that are used to store information may be compromised.

And it is for that reason that they show us a capacity that is not what they really had when we acquired the product. So what can I do? For this case we bring you the step by step, so that you learn  how to recover real capacity of USB memory, solve USB problems.

They are known worldwide as Pendrive and come in varied information storage capacities. It seems a tragedy that when having available space, for some strange reason it indicates that you cannot store the information due to lack of space. But we are going to teach you some infallible tricks that can solve this serious problem.

How to recover real capacity of USB memory

The following tutorial is very useful for cases in which you want to save a file on your Pendrive but it is not copied because your device indicates that there is not enough space to perform this action. Believe it or not, this is very easy to solve and then we are going to show you the steps you must take so that you can save the file.

The first thing you should do is the following, suppose you want to save a video or a movie that is in HD format on your  USB device . This means that it will take up a lot of space on your Pendrive, what we will do is select the video or movie and make a clip with the right mouse button.

When doing this, a small window with multiple options will appear, you must choose to copy by making a clip. Then you will go to my PC, where the devices and drives are located and you will select your USB device . You are going to verify that the capacity of your Pendrive is much higher and it has plenty of space to save the file.

Next we open our USB device , press the right mouse button, several options will appear and we will select paste. By doing this, a dialog box will appear informing us that the file is too large to be stored on our USB device.

As we can see there is a very serious error, because we have been able to verify that the file we want to save has a capacity that our Pendrive can perfectly contain. It is very evident that the problem that you are presenting is one of Format, so we will proceed to format it below .

Change the format to recover the real capacity of the pendrive

To do these, we position ourselves with the mouse on our USB device and make a right clip. Some options are shown and we must choose Format, when making a clip, another window appears with the formatting options. This in order to recover the real capacity of the USB memory .

Here we can see that the format of the USB device is FAT 32 , which means this, which allows you to copy files up to 4 GB. And since surely the file weighs more than 4GB it does not allow the copy to be made, that is why we must make the change of format. To do this, we stay in this same Format window.

Next in File system and being there we are going to remove the FAT 32 and instead we are going to choose NTFS. And then we go down and choose the Quick Format option , to finish we make a clip in the Start option, then it will present us a warning indicating that all the files will be deleted, we must click OK.

It is important that before doing this procedure you save the files on your computer so that you have them backed up. Then a box will appear indicating that the format is complete and you must click OK. In this way, you have solved the problem and you can verify that you can now save the file on your USB device .

With simple steps you have achieved the solution to a problem that you thought you could not and even worse, you believed that you should buy another Pendrive . That’s how easy you learned how to recover real capacity of USB memory, solve USB problems.


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