Chromatophobia or Cremotophobia . Irrational fear of money.


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  • 1 Necessary clarifications
  • 2 Phobia
    • 1 Origin of the term
    • 2 Definition
  • 3 Origin
  • 4 Probable signs of Chromethophobia
  • 5 Sources

Necessary clarifications

  • Fear: Powerful and primitive human emotionthat warns us of the presence of danger and that was essential to keep our ancestors alive.
  • Fear is divisible into two groups: biochemical and emotional. The biochemical response (the one that kept our ancestors alive) is universal, while the emotional response is individualized, something like a ‘personal matter’.


Origin of the term

In Greek mythology, Phobos – son of Ares, god of war, and Aphrodite, goddess of beauty – became the personification of panic and his name acquired the meaning of “fear.”


Thus, a phobia is an emotional or psychological disorder that is characterized by an intense and disproportionate fear, a compulsive irrational fear of objects or situations.

More than 500 phobias have been identified; They are so many and so different that they are practically infinite. The term, as a compositional element, has given rise to numerous voices in the language, including Cromethophobia : irrational and sick fear of money.


This fear can come from experiences, feelings and emotions in front of money:

  • As it was managed by those who represented us, for example, he grew up watching his parents fight and fight for money, so negative thought patterns were created about this resource, these patterns are difficult to change.
  • Or negative situations associated with abundance, such as the kidnapping of someone who has a lot of money.
  • In these cases it is assumed that money is something dangerous or threatens our well-being because they can hurt us or our family by having it or because we have lived with patterns of scarcity and poverty, fights of our parents for money, relationship difficulties in the relationship partner for money, and in some unconscious way we have assumed that the best way to avoid the problem, insecurity or difficulties is not to have it. It is paradoxical because not only does it not avoid the problem but it brings us the consequences or the difficulties of not having it or that it is scarce in our lives.
  • Finances also bring responsibilities. So in some cases, there is a relationship between cromethophobia and hypengiophobia (fear of responsibility).

Probable signs of Chromatophobia

  • Experiencing anxiety every time your credit card statement arrives.
  • Having no idea of ​​your own financial reality, of how much money you need or how much money you have per month.
  • Quickly divert any conversation that touches the topic of finances or money.
  • Let your spouse or partner take care of every financial aspect.


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