Children: the 8 rules for drinking correctly

The 8 rules of pediatricians : lots of water, few juices, no energy drinks ! Consume a lot of water to maintain an optimal level of hydration, keep the consumption of sugary drinks under control and totally ban energy drinks .

These are just some of the “Eight golden rules of knowing how to drink”, provided by the Italian Federation of Pediatricians (Fimp) and made known these days, on the occasion of the sixth national congress of the Federation, scheduled in Genoa, from 27 to 29 September .

Here are the 8 golden rules for children and parents :

1. Children, like adults of all sexes and ages, must take an adequate amount of liquids (especially natural water) daily, capable of maintaining a high level of hydration;

2. water has always been the most suitable element to hydrate children and keep them healthy;

3. In addition to water, some drinks can also help to help hydrate children , but they also provide sugars and calories at the same time;

4. To ensure healthy hydration (and proper nutrition) for children, it is always advisable to read the beverage label to understand its composition and caloric content;

5. It is essential to avoid banning non-alcoholic drinks other than water: rather it is advisable to educate children on moderate and responsible consumption;

6. To avoid the danger of being overweight (which affects our children more and more) it is important to control the consumption of sugary drinks and always calculate the ratio between the needs of the child and the calories of what he drinks .;

7. Taking drinks with sweeteners makes sense in cases where we face children with diabetes and sometimes even in cases of obesity ;

8. I totally banned the ” energy drink “ for the high content of caffeine in them.

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