EcoGeneration: when schools are also climate friendly

Eco-Generation , schools also become sustainable . The result of the Legambiente project on the sustainability brand dedicated to Italian schools was presented today in Rome . During the three-year Eco Generation project, 10 colleges have joined it: in Milan, Monza, Pioltello, Varese, Padua, Verona, Scerni (CH), Foggia, Palermo and Ravenna.

Coordinated by the Legambiente educators, the students created several workshops and experimental activities on the consumption and saving of resources to learn how to correctly manage energy, waste and water not only at school but also at home.

And the prize for the best project went to the Mario Montanari institute in Ravenna , which won the Edison “energy-saving package”, consisting of an energy audit for the energy certification of the school building which will highlight the main consumption and possible school energy optimization measures, a wireless monitoring system for direct measurement of the main energy consumption and a high efficiency lighting system equipped with presence detection and light sensor for one of the classrooms of the school building .

To redevelop the school building , this is the final goal of the Eco Generation project, wanted by Legambiente establishing a greater collaboration between school, institutions and companies.

According to the latest report by Legambiente Ecosistema Scuola, in fact, the schools of the Belpaese are largely old. Over 60% of school buildings are 40 years old, and date back to before 1974. In many cases they are inadequate structures, 36.5% of buildings require urgent, and sometimes insecure, maintenance. On the security front, another figure should not be underestimated. Only 10% of our schools are built with anti-seismic criteria and only 54% have the certificate of viability.

With regard to energy, the project highlighted what are the main shortcomings, and concern heat dispersion, bad or no insulation and poor thermal insulation. Action needs to be taken to improve the efficiency of schools.

“The requalification of the Italian school building represents one of the greatest challenges for our country – said the vice president of Legambiente Stefano Ciafani – and starting from the energy one can bring innumerable benefits both in economic and environmental terms. By reducing consumption and waste, in fact, it is possible for schools to immediately save many resources that can be reinvested in modernization or compliance measures. The school is also the ideal place to experiment virtuous saving practices and at the same time to deepen and spread the culture of sustainability “.

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