Cheats and Codes for GTA: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition (PC)

Despite the change of the engine in the games GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition , cheats from the original trilogy of classic three-dimensional games of the series work. Which is great news, because the lion’s share of the fun in San Andreas is useful and completely insane codes.

Therefore, we are re-publishing cheats for San Andreas , which were once on the pages of our magazine, for those who miss San Fierro and Las Ventrois.

Just in case, we remind you that the codes are not entered into the console, but right during the game. It takes no more than 2 seconds to enter each letter.

Codes for weapons in GTA: San Andreas

LXGIWYL  – weapon set # 1 (brass knuckles, bat, 9mm pistol , shotgun, micro SMG submachine gun, AK-47 assault rifle, rifle, rocket launcher, Molotov cocktail, paint can).

KJKSZPJ  – weapon set # 2 (knife, Desert Eagle pistol, sawn-off shotgun, Tec-9 submachine gun, M4 machine gun, sniper rifle, fire extinguisher, flamethrower, grenades).

UZUMYMW  – set of weapons # 3 (chainsaw, pistol with a silencer, combat shotgun, MP5 assault rifle, M4 assault rifle, Stinger rocket launcher, explosives with a detonator.

WANRLTW  – Infinite Bullets, Disable Reloads .

AIYPWZQP  – parachute.

Codes for armor and health and money in GTA: San Andreas

HESOYAM  – restores health, armor, repairs the vehicle the player is in, and gives $ 250,000.

BAGUVIX  – infinite health (not “god mode”, because it does not save you from explosions).

SZCMAWO – suicide.

Skill Codes in GTA: San Andreas

NCSGDAG  – Maximizes weapon skill.

VQIMAHA  – masterful driving.

JYSDSOD  – the main character becomes a jock.

BTCDBCB  – The main character becomes a fat man.

KVGYZQK  – The main character is getting very thin.

OGXSDAG  – maximum reputation level.

EHIBXQS1  – the highest level of attractiveness.

CVWKXAM  – maximum level of sprint pumping.

AEDUWNV  – Disables the need for food.

LFGMHAL  – Increases jump height.

CVWKXAM – Infinite Oxygen.

IAVENJQ – Maximum melee strength.

Codes for police “stars” in GTA: San Andreas

ASNAEB  – remove police “stars”.

OSRBLHH  – add 2 police stars.

LJSPQK  – 6 police “stars”.

AEZAKMI  – the police do not react to the actions of the main character (we recommend turning it off before missions).

Codes for vehicles in GTA: San Andreas

PGGOMOY  – increases the maneuverability of vehicles.

BSXSGGC  – cars scatter in a collision.

RIPAZHA  – flying cars.

AFSNMSMW  – flying boats.

COXEFGU – all cars have nitro boosters.

KRIJEBR  is a limousine.

JQNTDMH  is a small jeep.

CQZIJMB  is an old racing car.

PDNEJOH  is a racing car.

VPJTQWV  is a racing car.

UBHYZHQ  is a garbage truck.

AIWPRTON  – tank.

AQTBCODX  is a hearse.

RZHSUEW  is a golf car.

AGBDLCID  is a big jeep.

AKJJYGLC  – bike.

URKQSRK  is a corn grower .

EEGCYXT  is a bulldozer.

OHDUDE  is a military helicopter.

AMOMHRER  is a wagon.

JUMPJET is a military fighter jet.

KGGGDKP is an amphibious boat.

YECGAA – rocket pack.

CPKTNWT  – all cars around Karl explode.

IOWDLAC  – all cars are painted black.

LLQPFBN  – all cars are painted pink.

FVTMNBZ – only rural cars drive around the city.

BGKGTJH – only cheap cars drive through the streets.

GUSNHDE – only expensive cars drive along the streets.

JHJOECW – Increases the jump height on the bike.

Weather cheats in GTA: San Andreas

AFZLLQLL  – normal weather.

AUIFRVQS  – rain.

ICIKPYH  – sunny weather.

ALNSFMZO  – cloudy weather.

CFVFGMJ  – fog.

CWJXUOC  – sandstorm.

OFVIAC  – orange sky at 21:00.

XJVSNAJ  – it’s always midnight in the city.

Codes for NPC behavior in GTA: San Andreas

BEKKNQV  – all prostitutes are crazy about the main character.

OUIQDMW  – includes the ability to shoot from the car while driving.

SJMAHPE  – allows you to recruit any NPC and equip him with a pistol.

ZSOXFSQ  – allows you to recruit any NPC and equip him with a rocket launcher.

AJLOJYQY  – NPCs attack each other (the action of the code is irreversible).

BGLUAWML  – all NPCs start attacking Karl (the action of the code is irreversible, it can make the game impassable).

FOOOXFT  – All NPCs get weapons.

ASBHGRB  – NPCs become Elvis imitators.

THGLOJ  – reduces the density of cars on the streets.

VKYPQCF  – All taxis receive nitro.

CIKGCGX  – Beach party mode.

IOJUFZN  – Yakuza mode.

PRIEBJ  – clowns roam the streets.

YLTEICZ  are aggressive drivers.

XICWMD  – invisible cars (only wheels remain).

ZEIIVG  – there is always a green light at traffic lights.

GUSNHDE  – only sports cars drive around the streets.

MROEMZH – gang members are everywhere.

BIFBUZZ – gang members control the street.

Codes for a while for GTA: San Andreas

LIYOAAY  – everything slows down.

YSOHNUL – Time Goes Faster

PPGWJHT  – everything is accelerating.

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