Cheats and Codes for GTA III – The Definitive Edition (PC)

Immediately after the release of GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition , a remaster of the classic three-dimensional games of the Grand Theft Auto series, it became known that despite the change of the engine, all the old cheat codes are working in the game.

Here is a nostalgic list of cheats for “third gta” in case your memory lets you down. We remind you that you need to enter them right during the game – you do not need to call any console.

gunsgunsguns – Get all weapons.

ifiwerearchman – Get $ 250,000

gesundheit – health restoration.

turtoise – 100% armor.

morepoliceplease – get more police stars.

nopoliceplease – reset the police “asterisk” counter.

giveusatank – get a tank.

bangbangbang – blow up all the cars around.

ilikedressingup – change the clothes of the protagonist.

itsallgoingmaaad – crazy pedestrians.

nobodylikesme – all passers-by attack you.

weaponsforall – everyone fights each other.

madweather – the clock is running faster.

boooooring – more dynamic gameplay.

skincancerforme – sunny weather.

ilikescotland – cloudy weather.

ilovescotland – rainy weather.

peasoup – foggy weather.

anicesetofwheels – invisible car bodies.

chittycittybb is a flying car.

cornerslikemad – improved car control.

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