The charm of the beach after the summer

he charm of the beach after the summer is a reason for travel and beautiful memories.

It is after the summer that the charm of the beach is revealed to be even more beautiful and exclusive, yielding great moments to enjoy or relax.

Whether under the silent walk by the sea, or by the cold wind that cuts the tide and brings comfort to the hotel room or to see the orange sunset that sets after another day.

There are days when the queues are reduced and all that qualified service by the service sectors is almost exclusive.

If you also think that the beach is not just to fall into the sea and indulge your heat, check out this post with great tips to enjoy the charm of the beach after the summer.

The charm of the beach after the summer

First of all, it is necessary to situate.

Balneário de Penha is a great itinerary for any part of the year.

With more than a dozen beaches, nightlife, culture and Azorean cuisine as well as lots of fun with Beto Carrero Wolrd.

It is not difficult to find a good reason to take a weekend trip or winter vacation to take advantage of its natural and tourist potential.

Penha manages to surprise with simple acts, whether in local custom or on the natural impact of his beautiful landscapes.

It is after the summer that his true charm appears.

Armacao de Itapocorói

Cradle of the Portuguese colonization of the region, the beach of armação do Itapocorói is one of the oldest in the region and holds historical and cultural treasures.

Its bucolic air still keeps the vestiges of the fishing villages of the beginning of the 20th century, contrasting tradition and contemporaneity.

You can still enjoy the bandstand in the square or see the fishing boats anchored in the pier.

Make your way on foot, without haste. Get involved in the place.

Discover the Chapel of São João Batista, built in 1759 and with usual resources at the time such as whale fat in the mortar.

End the tour by visiting the lighthouse, which, day or night, offers a beautiful postcard of the beach.

Chapel of St. John the Baptist

Beto Carrero Wolrd

Beautiful by itself all year, it is after the summer that the charm of the largest theme park in Latin America is revealed.

That’s because the queues decrease considerably and any toy or show can be enjoyed with even more calm and satisfaction.

Do not think that the cold can disturb you because it is sunny or rainy, Beto Carrero remains with its normal functioning.

Yes, use a lapel jacket to always be prepared, and enjoy all that the fifth largest theme park in the world can offer.

Many attractions and outdoor shows are covered and some shows are in theaters.


With an Azorean tradition it is not difficult to find good restaurants and dishes to warm up and further ennoble your tour.

It will be difficult to choose which one to try first.

From steakhouses, pizza carts to snacks by the sea, Penha offers a complete menu to satisfy the most diverse tastes.

We even have a post that talks exclusively about it. Click here to read and enjoy.

Do not forget to combine the dish with a good wine, ideal for the coldest days, and to toast the shorter lines at each restaurant.

Praia Alegre and Pousada Pedra da Ilha

It is not enough to visit the Balneario if it is not to stay with all the charm and variety that post summer demands.

Therefore, Pousada Pedra da Ilha is a reference in service and infrastructure.

Located in front of the sea of ​​Praia Alegre, one of the most peaceful and quiet of the resort.

It is possible to enjoy the charm of the beach even more after the season.

Watch the sun set or dawn from one of your suites.

Just like walking in the moonlight with your feet in the sand safely or trying a good dish under the noise of the sea.

All with great service and good taste.

Certainly an even more unforgettable tour.

Romance and Relax

Last but not least, if you didn’t choose one of the options above, enjoy a little of each.

Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of the beach after the summer.


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