tips for a romantic evening by the sea

A romantic evening is an ideal option for those looking to get out of the routine, warm up the relationship or give gifts to those who love the most.

With little investment in time and money, it is possible to make a delicate encounter to strengthen ties and keep unforgettable moments in the couple’s history.

And all this to the lull and natural beauty of the seaside of Praia Alegre, in Balneário de Penha.

We’ve selected five great tips to help your schedule.

Romantic evening by the sea

Preparing a romantic evening for your partner, whether at marriage or dating, is a special moment for the couple that should be valued.

The day-to-day assignments, especially for married couples, end up occupying a majority space in the routine, often distancing them from the love and relationship that united them.

And that can lead to more serious consequences over the years, like divorce.

Less than a decade ago, the government of Norway came to think about the possibility of paying the expenses of romantic nights for its citizens in order to reduce the divorce rate that at that time reached 40%.

Sea shore

Giving a more romantic touch to the relationship does not require major productions.

It is necessary to consider that the meeting is to bring it closer and make it intimate. Just the look, the moment alone, the silence will already be responsible for introducing the right atmosphere for the moment.

But some natural touches are very welcome and make all the difference: with a coast as rich and beautiful as Santa Catarina, it is almost impossible not to sigh more deeply when you see and hear the gentle rocking of the sea in the background.

That is why we have separated five tips to help you offer a beautiful romantic evening to your partner.

05 tips for a romantic evening by the sea

Tip 01 – themed night

Almost all couples have a song, a movie or a landmark in their history.

A good tip is to choose to have a theme night based on this song, movie or place.

It is worth wearing the clothes from when you first met, using some props like photos or magazines of the time to decorate the place.

Tip 2 – dinner

The evening goes well with a beautiful meal. It is through it that you will create connections and remember the great reason for being together.

But this is where you should pay attention: the purpose of tonight is not just dinner, but the whole. So the middle ground is fundamental.

Avoid heavier dishes such as pasta or risotto, which lead to sleep.

Bet on white meat , vegetables and seafood.

Small portions are enough to keep the couple awake and in a good mood.

Tip 3 – the drink

The choice of drink is high point.

It is she who will receive and end the night, before and after dinner.

Make light choices, such as irreplaceable sparkling wine and good wine , as they are elegant and light to eat.

White wines are more accepted and harmonized, but the couple’s taste must be taken into account.

Tip 4 – the decor

Every environment must be in harmony, visual when olfactory.

Reduce the light, first of all. Avoid that day-to-day glare.

Try covering the ambient lighting with a chale or light, semi-transparent fabric with a more seductive color, such as red or lilac.

Aromatic candles are a great option to embellish and flavor. But no strong smells. Everything should be light and thought provoking. Flowers also add a special touch.

The music cannot be loud and the playlist should match the couple. With streaming music is easy, but the good old YouTube can help a lot.

We even left a playlist for you. Click here to listen.

Tip 5 – the location

A romantic evening can take place anywhere, from the couple’s own room to a restaurant.

But if you have at least 2 days, leave the house and find a place to spend the night.

A nice tip is the Pousada Pedra da Ilha , located facing the sea in Praia Alegre, Balneário de Penha in Santa Catarina.

With suites very well decorated and well arranged, they are a great option for different tastes.

Some of its suites have a sea view, balcony and whirlpool, such as the Presidential Suite .

A good tip is also to make your reservation and ask the Pousada for the services you need, such as special dishes or drinks.

As it is a Pousada, the service is always more requested.

Bonus tip

Full moon night. Nothing is more romantic than the full moon.

Since you are staying facing the sea, check the lunar calendar and try to book an evening to watch the moon delicately paint the sea in silver while the two of you reinforce your most romantic ties.


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