reasons to make your corporate event on the beach.

Holding your event on the beach can be a surefire strategy to increase your productivity and create unity in your team, suppliers or partner companies.

More than just training or passing on information relevant to your business, it is important to create interest in your professionals.

For this reason, holding your event on the beach can be an assertive and productive bet.

Thus, we enumerate the 04 most important reasons for you to think about the subject.

Event: 04 important reasons to make your corporate event on the beach.

Growing in Brazil, corporate events are on the rise and showing managers their efficiency in communication and marketing.

Ideal to strengthen the relationship with customers, suppliers, companies and employees, it is a high and important point in the programming and realization of your company.

And holding this event on the beach should be considered.

Not just for logistics, but also for motivational standards.

Reason 01 – Budget

Your event has a defined budget and it is not difficult to exceed this budget, for one reason or another.

Therefore, achieving excellence in results is essential for any investment to be worthwhile.

And when your event is held on the beach, it is possible to get in one place all the services available for your success such as lunch / dinner, coffee break, happy hour, cocktail, accommodation, among others.

Closing a complete package with the inn, it is easier to negotiate values ​​in addition to eliminating steps and bureaucracy with several suppliers.

Reason 02 – Event location

Okay, we know that the focus of the event is himself.

But let’s face it, everyone works better and develop better synapses if this is done in a place that delights the eyes and sensations.

And nothing better if this place is on the coast of Santa Catarina, on a calm beach, with complete infrastructure.

This adds value to your content and motivates participation.

Who wouldn’t want to be able to participate in an event framed by a beautiful sea and calm waves as a background?

Your guests think so too.

Reason 03 – Logistics

This reason is linked to reason 01.

Both for you, who are the organizer, and for your guests and interested parties, it is important that the accommodations are part of the organization.

And if they are in the same place it becomes even more attractive.

In other words, this is the opportunity for your event to think about the comfort of its participants and still offer entertainment attractions outside conventional hours.

So you can add even more value to your initiative.

And, of course, get better prices from your supplier.

Reason 04 – Spontaneous Media

It is important that your event gains repercussion not only for those who participate but for those who may still want to participate.

And for that, the media is fundamental.

Feeding the social networks of your event with photos, videos and testimonials is essential.

Even more so if this disclosure comes spontaneously from your guests.

That’s because everyone will want to put on their social networks the activities of the event with the beautiful sea complementing each photo.

Create a hashtag and let your guests advertise with you.

Bonus Tip!

The idea of ​​this post is to guide and stimulate the realization of your corporate event on the beach, but it is useless if we do not also point out a good place for its realization.

And in this regard, Pousada Pedra da Ilha gathers all the previous items.

With an auditorium for up to 120 people, its infrastructure by the sea is the ideal postcard for your event.

Swimming pool, games room, sea view room and restaurant and bar services complement everything you need to organize a great


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