The creation according to Norse Mythology

From two magical beings many others were born, among them Odin, father of everything, who provides and takes, loves or hates.

How did we get here? No one knows for sure, maybe we will come through fire, maybe through air or probably out of nowhere. Science says there was an explosion that gave rise to life, while Christianity says women were born from a man’s rib. At the same time, different worldviews of antiquity place the origin of humanity in the consciousness of an animal or a set of supreme beings who rule the Universe. Theories will never end, that is true and all over the world try to justify their existence with their own beliefs that allow their people to have an identity. Such is the case with rich Norse mythology.

Darkness, only it was at a time when the void was not called that. In fact, nothing had a name, since no one inhabited the darkness. There was no world or universe, just a huge black field. Only in the north of this immense and eternal darkness, a somewhat unusual phenomenon occurred: a cloud appeared and some shadows that were not distinguished by their black color. These were mixed to create an immense mass and he was called Niflheim. Faced with such a phenomenon, in the south, a hot land was born as opposed to the north, as an unintended response. On this side, the fire provided the heating for nothing and, at the same time, illuminated that space. It was called Muspellsheim.

Each site resulted in 12 rivers that transported cold water and lava, respectively. It was inevitable that, at some point, these slopes would join in the immensity. While the frozen rivers began to freeze and stagnate, lava came to cover them and break the ice. In contrast, the first living creature appeared:  Ymir  , an ice giant. Time passed and the rivers mixed again until another being was born,  Audumla ; this occasion was not a giant, but an imposing cow that began to give milk in the form of 4 rivers, almost as vast as those in Niflheim and those in Muspellsheim.

Both creatures watched for a while, until Ymir, thirsty, drank desperately from one of Audumla’s milk sources. In this way, they became a little more united. However, time was a punishment and they decided to have children each in their own way. Ymir, who spent most of his time in the fire, was sweating a lot, and that’s where his little ones were born. In the case of Audumla, her children came into the world by licking their mother on the ice to try to undo it.

Time did not exist, therefore, the children of both developed and were making their lives in a dark and eternal vacuum. The coexistence of all gave rise to the first genuine feeling: love. This occurred between Bestla, daughter of the giant Ymir and Bor, grandson of the cow. Both decided to unite sexually and give rise to more beings that inhabited the darkness; Thus three gods were born: Odin, Vili and Va who began to have their own ideas and ended up exterminating the giants because they considered that they contributed nothing. Two of them managed to escape to keep their legacy alive.

These revolts caused the fire to begin to extinguish the ice, so the three gods who now ruled the world created the first home or place of life and called it  Midgard . The giant Ymir died in battle, had an advantage over him since he had never faced anything like it. However, they tried to worship him for being the first inhabitant in the world. Thus, with their bones they created the mountains and from their blood the oceans were born. His body became earth and his hair changed trees. Its skeleton was transformed into sky and it sparked some sparks of fire that took Muspellsheim, that can only be seen at night, that is, the stars.

Thus, Ynir’s body took root and suddenly Yggdrasill was born, a large and huge ash tree that grew within hours to heaven, separating it from the earth and making its trunk axis of the universe. Suddenly, Odin and his brothers discovered that the tree had three roots, which remain very deep, no one knows how far they really go. To keep him safe, they put four deer in his care, which will bite anyone who intends to enrage him. However, they are also responsible for not taking any more roots and, therefore, the three gods have their pets to care for him, the Nidhogg serpent being the  one who strongly and aggressively gnaws at his roots, all to prevent any more nascent beings; It seems like they just want humans to live and it might be the best option.


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