In the previous article, we explained that anyone can become a CEO. The CEO is you, and if your Career Advice colleagues have some specific criteria that indicate that your fellow readers are prospective CEOs, then cheer up! And, hone all of those abilities until finally your fellow readers can truly become CEO in the future. To find out what these characteristics are, try reading our article again titled “The CEO is You “.


If these characteristics already exist in us, and we really want to pursue the ideals of being a CEO. So what responsibilities do CEOs have?


Every person who wants or will become a CEO, of course, must understand the responsibilities of being a CEO as well as possible. When CEOs understand their responsibilities very well, this will help them in managing all stages and strategies to achieve the success of the company they lead.


In general, there are 5 main responsibilities that every CEO needs to have wherever they are. What do you think about that? Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Having a Vision is a Must 

The first responsibility that all CEOs need to have is to have a vision. A CEO must be able to determine and communicate the strategic direction of their organization or company. Vision will make all employees or workers to unite and help each other towards the common goals set forth in the company’s goals. In other words, vision is the unity of us all.


Without a strong vision, every employee will only pursue their dreams and life goals , without being guided by the positive values ​​that are in the company’s vision. Eits! but having strong vision isn’t enough! We need to form a clear, attractive and strategic vision.


An interesting vision that lacks clarity will only make our employees confused and disoriented. For example, a CEO has a vision of ” forming a supportive work environment “. The word “support” in this vision is very broad, even ambiguous. Everyone can think to support each other’s negative mindset, this can happen right? Even though what is meant is mutual support in good to form a good work environment.


So, try to be clearer and specific to the vision we designed when we were a CEO. Don’t forget to guide and direct the tasks of the employees towards the vision we have. Why? Because good vision without an execution will only be like a slogan on a piece of paper.


2. Distribute the Right Resources

No one has the highest authority to channel appropriate resources to employees except the CEO. There are two things that are most important for running a company that is, capital and human resources (HR).


The CEO must provide both the right amount and at the right time so that the company can achieve success. A very important responsibility for CEOs is to maintain a balance between the right resources for all employees with different jobs and motivations, and of course must be in accordance with company goals.


Like a father or husband as a family leader, a husband and a father must be able to guarantee good and appropriate resources for family members. With different needs, all resources owned must be shared fairly and equally.


In this case, a CEO also needs to put an employee in the right position in accordance with the capabilities he has. That way, each team member can carry out their work duties as well as possible.


3. Building a Positive Work Culture . 

What is work culture? When viewed from the meaning of “culture”, this has meaning as a set of attitudes, goals, behaviors and shared values ​​that characterize a group. Work culture is the shared goals and values ​​agreed in the work environment.


For example, ” completing work assignments on time “. This will be a work culture that all employees must obey and run, without exception. No work can be completed outside of the deadline, let alone work that is not finished at all. The positive work culture that CEOs need to build will always develop over time. Because this is an ongoing process to get a work culture that can affect the quality of employee performance for the better than before.


In addition, a good and positive work culture will also affect the satisfaction of customers, clients and business partners in working with our company. The most important part of work culture is values. For example, the CEO ensures that values ​​are applied consistently from the top down, in all departments. A good work culture makes everyone feel safe and respected, thus enabling employees to give the best performance.


4. Make Fast and Right Decisions. 

The fourth responsibility that every CEO needs to have is to be alert in making decisions quickly and correctly. Being a CEO is not as easy as we think, because problems in the work world will always come. And, the first person to stand in front of all these problems is the CEO.


Do not be surprised if in the future when a fellow reader has become a CEO, say you have just succeeded in making the best decision of a problem, and you have resolved the problem. But not until an hour has passed, there are new problems coming and this needs to be resolved as quickly as possible.


Well, this is the reality and it has become the main responsibility of a CEO to dare to take risks and solve existing problems. This does not mean that no teamwork can help solve the problem, but the CEO has the highest authority in making the final decision.


5. Supervise and Provide the Best Performance for the Company. 

In the end, all responsibilities in the company must be shouldered by a CEO. He is responsible for the company’s performance and needs to actively encourage and support all existing employees in giving their best performance. This is a responsibility that should not be ignored by every CEO, if they really want to make their company achieve success.


In addition, the CEO also has the responsibility as a liaison between internal operations and external stakeholders. He needs to pay attention to internal teams to ensure precise and accurate metrics in measuring employee performance. The CEO needs to set standards for the level of performance he wants to achieve, regardless of the size, type, condition, or stakeholders of the company.


Maybe we’ve seen a few CEOs whose job is just sitting in his room, or busy on vacation with family and relatives without regard to the company and employees. However, great and successful CEOs will always have detailed plans about how they should spend their time every day, how they can encourage the quality of work for themselves and their employees, how they should create new innovations for their companies, and so on.


For the company to truly achieve mutual success, every CEO must have a clear picture of how they can fulfill all the responsibilities they have above.


Those are 5 responsibilities that every CEO needs to have. No matter where he is, all those responsibilities have become a “complete package” that cannot be separated from all CEOs in this world. So how? Are Career Advice colleagues ready to become a CEO ?


by Abdullah Sam
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