In life, we need to believe that everyone has the same opportunities to be able to get the success and wealth they expect. Unfortunately, there are still many people who think that only certain people can succeed and become more successful. In addition, they also believe that only a few people can get their wealth, and get richer.


In fact, everyone has the right to be rich and achieve the success he wants. So if successful people can get richer, then all of us can do it. Now in this article we will uncover 10 ways for successful people to become richer, which we have summarized from the entrepreneur website. The aim is for Career Advice colleagues to know and understand what they are doing, and be able to follow in the same footsteps.


1. The Growth Mindset is Important to Have.

The first way that successful people do to make themselves richer is to instill a good financial mindset and apply it in everyday life. They are never tired to search and find all the opportunities that are around them.


Therefore, they really like to make friends and hang out with people who have the potential to succeed in the future . Yes clearly, they do not like to hang out with those whose lives are only filled with gossip or activities that do not create productivity.


So, the first step we need to take in order to become like them is to believe that we can make positive changes to produce many valuable things. So, we can achieve the desired success and become richer.


2. Associate with Other Successful People.

Having a financial growth mindset alone will not be enough. To be successful and get richer, we need to surround ourselves with other successful people. Excitement and motivation can be very strong at one time, but this can also be weakened at some time. That is why it is important for us to hang out or always be friends with those who have a positive influence on us.


So what do these successful people do? they spend at least once a month getting to know new people with the same perspective as they are, wanting to be successful and get richer. For example, they come to conferences or other business events.


This is their way to invest time well, because the new people they know will be a valuable connection for them to go ahead and succeed (oops! Obviously getting richer).


3. Dare to Get Out of the Comfort Zone.

More success and wealth will come if we also want to take more steps. The problem is, more steps will not be obtained if we are only confined to the “boundaries” that we have. They believe that the comfort zone will not help anything for their growth. Therefore, daring to get out of your comfort zone is a very necessary thing to do.


If we really want to be successful and wealthy, then we have to hone ourselves to think creatively and boldly in executing all these creative ideas. Creative ideas may require a higher level of risk. But if we don’t dare to do it, then forever we will be just ordinary people.


4. Generate Additional Revenue.

Of course, the more money we have, the more successful and rich we will be. What do successful people do so they can get richer? Yes, of course increase their source of income. It is impossible for money to grow by itself in our yard.


If now Career Advice colleagues are working and have a main income, try to save and allocate our savings as business capital. The goal is that our business can be a source of additional income in addition to our main income at work. In other words, this is the most effective way for successful people to get richer.


For example, I buy a new apartment for rent, so I will get additional income from my business.


5. They Like to Invest. 

Investment is also a very important factor for successful people so they can get richer. If they become richer, the more businesses they start up, the more advanced and developed their business, so that success will be more easily achieved.


So actually, success and wealth come rhythmically. Successful people really like to invest their money. For example, playing stocks or becoming an investor of a business. A smart investment will give us a healthy return, which we can later reinvest.


Investment is not only done with money, but we can also invest with time. For example, taking the time to attend events that bring many benefits such as conferences or language courses.


6. Simply Take Risks That Can Be Calculated.

Although successful people need to be brave to take risks, that does not mean they are careless in investing time, energy and money in anything that risks cannot be calculated. Before they take the risk, they will certainly conduct research and analysis. Taking into account all the pros and cons are mandatory for successful people.


The question that must be considered is “will taking this risk get closer to the goal that I want?” The goal is that they are not careless in taking risks and can avoid the risk of reckless that does not benefit anything.


7. Always Focus on Self-Improvement.

With all the goals and ambitions they have to be able to get richer and more successful, then they will only provide the highest focus for themselves. There is no time to compare the quality of yourself with the quality of others.


Successful people like this will always try to improve themselves. For example, if their English is not very good, then they will try to find online courses that can practice their English language skills. Focus on empowering all the deficiencies that exist in order to become someone great. And, focus on continuing to hone your abilities so that we can become more successful and richer.


8. They Never Fully Retire.

Even though their age is getting older, that doesn’t mean they have to stop working. Great works will continue to lead us to the desired success and wealth. Even though we will no longer work for reasons of age, illness, etc. But never stop working. People who always work will become individuals who are increasingly successful and increasingly wealthy.


9. Not Being Wasteful. 

Another belief that is always instilled by successful people is “the more money they spend, the less savings, wealth, money and property they have.”


Never see someone whose jobs and salary are mediocre, but they are very wasteful to buy things that might not be of any use. Logically, how can we become richer, if we are wasteful? So, don’t spend money on things that aren’t very important or that aren’t useful at all, colleagues.


10. Have Private Time (Me Time). 

Although we are very busy to pursue success and wealth, but we also need to have personal time (me time) to calm down from all the busyness and contemplate life .


Let us think again, have we actually been rich and successful, but we still haven’t felt it? Find out what are the core problems of all this until we don’t consider ourselves to have achieved success and wealth? Is this all because we are less grateful, or do we really need to develop ourselves to be better?


by Abdullah Sam
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