In fact, the number of unemployed is increasing day by day. This is like a public secret that finding a job today is not as easy as we think. Other facts show that this reality does not only happen to people who carry out education in schools or institutions that are mediocre. However, this is also experienced by those who graduate from business schools that are famous for their MBA programs at Harvard, Stanford and others.


It’s not just a matter of the difficulty of finding a job, but in fact there are many important lessons in life that we cannot get from any well-known business school. No matter who we are, whatever degree we get, and whichever institution we attend.


Then, where can we get it? All life lessons that we will discuss in this article can only be obtained when we have entered the world of work. So when your Career Advice peers pass the interview test and get a job, fellow readers need to understand that whatever degree has been achieved will not make us successful as easy as we imagine, there are many things and hard work that we need to try to get self-improvement which are desired. The right attitude and maximum effort will bring us to the level of long-term success.


The Entrepreneur Website states that there are 9 life lessons that are very valuable and cannot be obtained from any business school. Now, are your Career Advice colleagues ready to get life lessons that are more important than the lessons you get in college? When ready, let us consider the following explanation.


1. Collaborating with the Team is a Must. 

When we study at an educational institution, perhaps most teachers will give us individual assignments. Even if they give a group assignment, we will still be judged based on our performance in completing the task. Conversely, the world of work is no longer a matter of “oneself”, but “togetherness”. Together in pursuing and achieving company goals, together in applying the values ​​and regulations set by the company, and acting according to the company’s vision and mission.


Our lives will be more directed, the world is no longer about ourselves. Everything really needs good and compact cooperation. That is why in the world of work we will learn how to work together with colleagues, how to listen to opinions, aspirations and feedback from team members , and so forth.


2. Difficulties Present to be Faced and Resolved. 

All the problems, challenges or difficulties that we feel when sitting in college, can not be compared with all the difficulties that will be found in the world of work. Challenges and difficulties in the world of work will be more complex than the challenges when we carry out knowledge in business schools.


If it is possible before in business school we study crisis management theory, then in the world of work “crisis” is before our eyes. In fact, we cannot choose what kind of crisis will come. The world of work will train us very well to handle all difficulties, from difficulties that are very easy to the most difficult.


3. Expanding the Network is Difficult, but Very Important!

If in the past our friends were very limited, or only consisted of people who went to business schools like us. However, in the world of work we will meet many people from different educational backgrounds and perspectives. We will find colleagues from accounting schools, design schools, management schools, and so on.


This is where we will understand that the network or connection is very important. Although for some people this is very difficult, especially for introverts. However, an extensive business network will help our careers in the future. If in the past at business school we would learn about business connections, then in the world of work we must apply it neatly.


4. As it turns out, common interests need to be prioritized over personal interests. 

The world of work will teach us an important lesson in life that mutual progress is far more important than personal progress. We work on behalf of a company that will bring good to many people. Even though we are an entrepreneur or entrepreneur, we still need to build a business that gives a lot of good to others, not just about ourselves. The real world of work and business will teach us all about it.


5. Help without Selflessness. 

I’m sure everyone would want to succeed, no one wants to fail continuously in his life. Often we think that by helping others, it is the same as letting others to get success first than us.


Even though there is no one in this world who can achieve success without help from others. We can say that it is IMPOSSIBLE. In essence, when we help others, this is the same as facilitating our success. People around us will really like the performance and collaboration skills we have, so that one day people will also help us to achieve success.


6. More Open to Recognize the Advantages of Others.

God gives advantages or advantages that are owned by everyone. So, the superiority that everyone has is natural. There is nothing to worry about or regret from the advantages possessed by others.


We too have advantages that our colleagues might not have. Maybe when we were still educated in business schools, we could compete with each other to get the highest GPA or feel proud to acknowledge the intelligence of our friends. But in the world of work, we need to recognize each other’s advantages so that a comfortable work environment can be created easily.


7. Realize that Everyone Has the Same Opportunity. 

The mindset of meritocracy will also develop when we enter the world of business and work . No matter what our education degree, one thing to realize is that everyone has the same opportunity. Everyone comes to work to earn (financial) income and develop themselves. So, everyone has the right to excel and get equal opportunities.


8. Recognize that Everyone Comes from Different Cultures. 

When I was in business school, maybe we would only meet people who were mostly from the same place. For example, most of the business school participants come from big cities. But when we enter the world of work, ethnic and cultural diversity will be very visible. Especially if Career Advice colleagues work in Multinational Companies. Fellow readers will meet with people from the United States, Britain, Singapore, and so on.


That’s when fellow readers can learn various languages, cultures and values ​​that we have never known before, as well as being tolerant with them. This is a valuable life lesson that might not be obtained in any business school.


9. Stay on the Job for the Desired Success. 

The world of work will also hone our ability to always survive all the challenges of life that come and go. There is no time to complain, back down or give up on all the difficulties. We will learn to survive to get the desired success.


by Abdullah Sam
I’m a teacher, researcher and writer. I write about study subjects to improve the learning of college and university students. I write top Quality study notes Mostly, Tech, Games, Education, And Solutions/Tips and Tricks. I am a person who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence or virtue.

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