Car demolition: what to do

If your car has become so worn to such an extent that it is unusable, all you can do is proceed with its final demolition .

What should you do in certain cases? How does car demolition work? Discover with us everything you need to complete a similar procedure respecting all the relevant regulations, with the chance to spend an adequate amount of money and follow the required procedure without any specific concern.

What requirements do you need for the demolition of your car

If you have the intention or need to demolish your vehicle, know that you can only do it if you meet some rather simple requirements. You must be part of one of the following two categories to be able to initiate such a procedure without any economic and practical risk:

  • you must be registered with the PRA, ie the Public Automobile Register;
  • if not registered with the PRA, you must demonstrate with a series of dataand documents that you own the vehicle to be demolished.

If you are not part of either of these two categories, you can make sure that the company you are contacting can turn a blind eye if you have a sales title for the vehicle in case of registration in the PRA not yet completed. In addition, you must have in your hands a series of very specific documents, including the registration certificate, number plates and the certificate of ownership.

Where can you go to demolish a vehicle

When you have to demolish a car, you need to know where to turn so that the whole process is completed without a hitch.

In any case, what matters is that you find an authorized collection center , that is, a dealership that belongs to the category of so-called authorized breakers. At the same time, you can ask the PRA for help and have it certify the end of circulation of your car following its final demolition. This last process starts when you choose to contact any dealer, with the seller who in turn must notify the PRA of the end of circulation within thirty days of receiving the car to be scrapped.

What documents do you have to deliver at the time of demolition

What are the documents that you absolutely have to hand over to the collection center to complete a demolition without any difficulty? Obviously, after driving your car equipped with front and rear license plates, you must submit the following essential forms to carry out such an operation:

  • the registration certificate;
  • the certificate of ownershipin its paper version, or alternatively at least its complementary sheet;
  • an eligible qualificationif you are not registered with the PRA;
  • l ‘ denunciations in caseof theft or loss of one of these documents or of your car license plates.

How to receive the certificate of destruction

After you have carried out the car demolition procedure by following the steps we have illustrated above, you must find out how to receive the certificate of destruction . The latter will be paid to you automatically by the dealer or the breaker after the demolition process has been completed.

Here is the data that must be present inside the certificate:

  • your main details, i.e. name, surname and residential address;
  • the registration number of the certificate;
  • the signature of the owner of the companythat provides you with the certificate;
  • the competent authoritythat granted the authorization to the company;
  • the dateand time in which the certificate was issued ;
  • the dateand time at which the vehicle was taken over .

Each breaker must necessarily provide you with the certificate of destruction within a very short period of time. In fact, this document is able to protect you both from a civil point of view and from a criminal point of view in case of any errors and infringements in the demolition procedure of your car. Furthermore, from when the certificate comes into force, you are exempt from paying the car tax , based on the provisions that are provided on a regional basis.

How much do you have to spend to demolish your car

Now that we have talked to you about everything related to the demolition of your vehicle , there is only one spontaneous question to ask: how much do you have to spend on this procedure ? Before answering such a question, we remind you that every demolition should be preceded by the registration of your car, with the verification of the presence or absence of any administrative stops. If you have to deal with the latter, you cannot scrape the car and you are required to settle this situation as soon as possible.

In any case, here are the items that contribute to the expense for the demolition of your car :

  • 50 euros for the emoluments to be paid to ACI;
  • 32 euros for the stamp duty in the case of a paper ownership certificate;
  • 48 euros for the stamp duty in the case of a certificate of ownership in digital format, following the compilation of the virtual form NP3B.

Overall, know that you have to take care of every single aspect related to the demolition of the car in the smallest detail , with the possibility of significantly reducing time and costs related to such a procedure. Just follow all the useful indications and act in the right way to get rid of your vehicle without any practical or bureaucratic, as well as economic, hitch.


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