How to check if a car has been scrapped

You know that before buying a used car it would be good to check that its documents are in order, and above all that it has not been demolished

Let’s find out how to check if a car has been scrapped or not .

The car scrapping certificate

The possibilities that should prompt you to carry out small pre-purchase checks, or before the change of ownership, on a vehicle are varied: is it a used vehicle, or did you find your grandfather’s car abandoned under a tarp? In any case, the first thing to check is his documents.

In fact, consider that if the car you are interested in had already been scrapped, the change of ownership would become practically impossible: the first thing to look for is the scrapping certificate, that is the document issued by the wrecker when he destroys the car and delivers the plates. .

If you find the precious certificate of destruction, remember that you should
still check that the cancellation has really occurred at the PRA. Finally, don’t forget that a scrapped vehicle must always be struck, but a stricken vehicle hasn’t necessarily been scrapped.

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For all these reasons, the possibility of carrying out a search can be very useful (to learn more, read also how to do a car search )

Here’s how to proceed.

The car registration online and at the PRA

If you do not find the certificate of destruction there are two possibilities: one is the online search and the other is to go to the PRA in person.

In the first case, the “verify scrapping” service is almost only for a fee, but only the plate number is needed. In a few moments you will get the
document issued by the PRA telematic database, containing the
technical data (make, identification code, chassis number, engine capacity, etc.), and more. In fact, there will also be the owner’s personal data and any mortgages.

A note: old type plates (before 1993), mopeds (50cc), agricultural vehicles, buses, caravans, caravans, tent trailers, boats and rafts are not registered in the PRA database.

The second case is the “old style” alternative for those who do not want to use online services. You must therefore go in person to the Public Automobile Registry (PRA) to request the vehicle registration through the license plate. Also in this case, after payment you will get the data you need in a few moments.

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