Why can’t we profit from the stock market?

Why We Can’t Make Profit From the Stock Market You know that the stock market is the best way to make money. At the same time, the stock market is one of the best ways to lose money. The question then is why this same stock market works two ways. In today’s short article, I would like to point out some general ideas on why we cannot profit from the stock market.

2. Invest without any goals – Invest without any goals

Without a goal, nothing can succeed. In the stock market, many of us invest without hesitation in setting goals. When we buy a share and when we sell that share, we have no specific goal.

Suppose I bought a company’s share today at 5pm and I don’t know how much or how much I will make a stop loss or stop at all my sales target. In that case it would be difficult for me to make a profit from those shares.

2. We are blind 

Why did I say this? The reason is that many of us buy or sell shares like others without using our own wisdom.

We must listen to the advice of others, but before making a final decision, we must take our own wisdom, consideration and analysis.

2. Buy shares of a company with all the money

We know that putting all the eggs in a basket is risky.

Still buy a company’s share with all the money, because we have fallen in love with that company and we believe this company is the best in the market.

As a result, we have to jump to buy shares of that company with whatever we have.

2. Do not do enough research before buying shares

No matter how much money you want to invest, you have to research. With our technical, fundamental analysis, other investors in the stock market will understand the psychology.  

2. Let it float in the stream

When there is a buy presser in the market, I just buy, and when the market is in the cell presser, I save all the shares. As a result, the work is nothing. It should be just the opposite.

Suppose the shares of a Z category were halted today, it does not mean that all shares of the Z category are good. In this situation we buy a lot of shares of Z category, many can profit again but that number is very low. Read more – Investors Psychology in the stock market, which is understandable

2. Media

The bad situation of the media market in our country is exaggerated. We are accustomed to such a headline, once again, the capital is in the capital, the capital market, the investors are sitting on the losing path.

I am not saying against the report of bad situation, but it is better to report on the bad situation, which can attract the attention of the authorities.

However, the problem is that the morale of the investors, especially those who are coming to the stock market, is deteriorating. Besides, the old investors also do not want to think new about the market. As a result, new money does not come to the market.

Many have been the owners of billions of dollars investing in this stock market, where no reports are made about them, reports are made only when the investor is on the losing path.

So in addition to highlighting the bad situation and promoting the good situation more and more, this problem goes away.

2. Listing bad companies in the capital market

If you look at the recent past, you will see how many companies have been listed in the market in the last 3 years.

Most of the companies are in critical condition. I still remember when a company was listed on the market in the 21st, I applied for IP for the shares of that company.

I get two of the two petitions, which I sell at the rate of Tk 20 on the first day of the start of the trade, you will be surprised to hear that the price of the company is hovering between Rs.

Read – Does good company mean good stock?

Authorities are financially harming us on the one hand by listing these companies on the capital market, as well as spoiling the morale of other investors.  

2. I want to be rich very soon

There is no doubt that if you buy shares of the right company at the right time in the stock market, you can become rich.

But the mistake we make is that we want to get rich quick. As a result, we buy the shares with all the money we have and wait for them to get rich. We must cope with this extra greed.

by Abdullah Sam
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