What is the minimum money required to invest in the stock market and how to invest?

Want to invest in the stock market? Let’s not know too briefly how much money it will take to invest in the stock market and how to start investing.

As you may already know, investing in the stock market requires an account, called a BO account.

If I could just briefly introduce the BO account, then it could be said that BO account is an account through which to buy and sell shares of a company .

Such as; Money is transmitted to a bank account, just like a BO account is a share transaction.

CDBL provides this account number and helps to open Broker House BO account.

Generally, to open a BO account, you may need to spend 5 to 5 bucks.

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This money is your one-time investment plus CDBL will have to pay a charge of Tk 5 in June every year to maintain your BO account.  

So one thing is fairly certain that in the first step of investing in the stock market, you have to spend 3 rupees to open an account.

Come a little deeper!

As you know, there are two ways to invest money in the stock market. One is the IPO market or the primary market and the second is the secondary market.

Since the primary market in our country is fairly risk free, many people simply invest in the primary market and earn good money.

Although investing only in the primary market is not a good idea for the overall market. IPOs should be invested in the secondary market as well.  

You need to invest Tk 5/5 to apply for share through IPO.

Here the figure is not fixed because many companies sell their shares at face value, that is, at the rate of 5 rupees, and many companies carry premiums.

With a BO account you can apply for a company share. Know – What is an IPO? How to apply to get shares in IPO

Now come to the secondary market

In the secondary market you can invest as much money as you want.

However, you can start with a minimum of Tk 20,000. You can start with less money than you want, but it does not actually make a profit loss calculation.

However, the money you invest in the stock market is not the money you need.

Such as; Suppose you have some money free in your hands that you are thinking of paying university fees after two months, now you want to invest this money in the stock market for two months.

Not a blank look, but it’s a big mistake on the stock market.

Because you don’t know, your money can be reduced by 20% after these two months. Again this can be contrary, so you should avoid this risk. 

So you have to invest money that you will not normally need in 2৩ years and many people make mistakes here. If you make that mistake, it won’t work.

Finally, if you want to invest in the stock market, you need a minimum of Tk 25,000 and enough patience as well as money.

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