Some tips for new investors willing to invest in the stock market

As a new investor in the stock market, your primary goal should be to understand the market. Investing in the capital market can be a great source of income for anyone. The expected return on investment in capital markets is higher than any other investment in our country, and the risk is higher here.

Making a profit from the stock market is not easy at all. And it becomes more difficult for new investors. In today’s short video, I would like to offer some suggestions for new investors who are willing to invest in the stock market.

2. Understand the stock market

In the initial stage, it is more important to understand the market than to profit from the stock market. The stock market is a big issue. There is so much to learn, so much to learn. When you increase your knowledge, you will be able to profit slowly.

2. Decide how much money to invest first – Decide how much you want to invest 

This is where we make a lot of mistakes. Many times we invest in the stock market with all the money we have.

Which increases our risk or risk a lot. You need to invest money that you will not need in this 3 years.

Suppose you have a cash deposit of 1 lakh now and with this money you want to invest in the stock market. In this area you have to be sure that you will not need this money in the next 5 years.

2. Never buy shares with a loan

Buying a share on a loan means that you have to make a profit but not just profit, you have to pay interest as well as interest.

Many big expats also do not make this mistake, so you must refrain from making this mistake.  

2. Be patient – Be patient

Those who rush into the stock market get their money in the pocket of the patient. You bought some shares today and can’t expect to get that money back in two days.

Because it is an investment and one of the prerequisites for investing you have to invest money as well as time. Read – Investor Psychology in the Stock Market

2. Can’t invest all the money in one company

No matter how good you analyze, never invest all the money in one company. The risk is much higher. Also do not invest the money you want to invest at one time.

I believe, in order to invest in the stock market, I will first decide how much money to invest. After that, I will divide the money into 3 parts and invest slowly in turn.

This can reduce the risk somewhat. Suppose I have decided to invest Rs 1 lakh. Now I will divide that money into 3, it will cost 1 thousand 5 hundred 5.

This time I will start investing in my scheduled shares. Investing in this segment can control a lot of risk. Learn – Does a good company mean good stock?

2. Start investing with mutual funds – invest in mutual fund 

It is safer to invest in mutual funds than ordinary shares. As you are new to the market and your primary target is the stock market, you can start your journey by investing in mutual funds.


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