Can you play Phasmophobia on Mac? Answered

Phasmophobia is a popular ghost hunting game available for purchase on Steam. Given the popularity of ghosts and horror as a video game genre, many would-be gamers are wondering if the game is available for their Mac computers. The answer is both good news and bad news.

Since Phasmophobia is currently developed exclusively for Windows PCs, there is no official support for the game on Mac computers. However, many Mac users report that they can be played if you have the right software installed on your computer. Programs mimic running a Microsoft Windows program on your Mac device, whether it’s booting the operating system along with iOS or installing software specifically designed to run programs like Windows does.

Some of the most popular ways for Mac users to play Windows games is by using Parallels or Boot Camp. Boot Camp is a multi-boot utility that comes with Mac devices that allows you to run both Microsoft Windows and Apple iOS on the same computer. Parallels is a software utility that runs applications on Mac with the same structure as Windows. Between these two options, Boot Camp is probably better for players who want to run the game without running into potential bugs and troubleshooting when playing a non-Mac game on a Mac device.

If you use the links above, you should be able to run Phasmophobia on your Mac! Happy pursuit!

Once you launch it, we also have guides for the game itself! Check out our guide on how to use a parabolic microphone for phasmophobia.


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