When will Crossfire Sierra Squad be released on PSVR 2? Answered

As a first-person shooter enthusiast and big fan of VR technology, I’m so ready to dive into Crossfire Sierra Squad as soon as it releases. After watching the amazing trailer at the PlayStation Showcase 2023, I was genuinely surprised by how it looked in Time Crisis style. Mind you, this is good. The crisis of time is cool. Want to know when Crossfire Sierra Squad is coming out? Then you’ve come to the right place because so am I.

What is the official release date for Crossfire Sierra Squad?

Unfortunately, while I hope to finally get a firm date at the PlayStation Showcase 2023 event, no release date has been given. We have a full trailer showcasing a ton of gameplay, but there was no date found at the end that I was expecting to see. So for now, we are all in the dark, but as soon as the date is known, we will keep you updated.

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Team CrossFire Sierra Trailer

As mentioned, I felt the trailer had classic Time Crisis vibes, which is surprising for anyone who has played the arcade franchise in the past. I’m certainly thrilled to see this and I think you are too. So, without further ado:

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