Can rustic wedding be done anywhere?

When you think of rustic wedding, usually the first image that comes to mind is an intimate ceremony in the countryside, as mini weddings tend to be. But this scenario has been changing little by little.

Today, rustic elements are being used in any type of wedding decoration . In the last five years the migration of weddings from the urban environment to the interior has increased, the so-called destination weddings . This change influenced the decoration, but rustic wedding is not just a field thing.

This type of decoration is usually the choice of couples who want a less protocol format than usual. It is ideal to escape the more metropolitan or classic scenography. In addition, the rustic decoration at the wedding can have a very “bride and groom face”. That’s because many couples bet on DIYs to have something completely personalized.

Where to have a rustic wedding?

As we already mentioned, rustic wedding is not just a field thing. This type of decoration can fit on several occasions, from the beach to large urban centers. Nowadays, there are already some spaces here specialized in this type of wedding.

Still, there is no need for a totally favorable environment for a rustic wedding to take place. Even more contemporary spaces can be transformed into intimate settings with this decor.

What’s in a rustic wedding?

The watchword of a rustic wedding is intimacy. You know that party that when a guest arrives already feels at home, almost as if he knew that environment? This is the kind of welcoming feeling that this decoration seeks to convey.

Some of the most common items in a rustic wedding are:

  • Wooden items;
  • Flowers, leaves and branches;
  • Pendant lamps;
  • Income and / or jute;
  • Vintage items;
  • Personal belongings;
  • Arrangements with wheat or straw;
  • Decorative wicker pieces;
  • Elements of clay or burnt cement;
  • Candles, lanterns or any other yellowish lighting source.

A rustic wedding alone requires a more simplistic layout. Here the varnish and shine are left aside to make room for elements that, on purpose, do not have a perfect finish.

This decoration brings to mind the rural space, like a farmhouse, you know? In this style, it is as if the furniture and decorative pieces tell a story.

In addition, it is good to clarify that a rustic wedding is not the same thing as a vintage wedding. While vintage is established in old elements, from the time of the 20’s to the 60’s, the rustic decoration values ​​the integration with nature. The vintage decor is more luxurious, after all, most of the items used are original, while the rustic is more colonial and cozy.

Valorization of the natural

In short, a rustic wedding values ​​the natural, for what is already available. The concept is based on adapting the space you have without trying to “put it on”. If it is an environment with exposed beams, there is no reason to hide them. A worn paint can be put to good use. Old furniture, benches with period marks … Got it?

On the other hand, one cannot be confused and have the idea that using unfinished materials means decoration without whimsy. In a rustic wedding, it is the personal touch that sets the tone of refinement. It is the contrast between elements that sets the cozy scene. A nice idea is to think of this decoration as something like “grandma’s house”, for example. If you have the same affection effect, it is very likely that you are going the right way.


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