How can I know if God has forgiven me?

If you repented and asked God for forgiveness, then He forgave your sins. For those who accept Jesus as their savior and repent, all their sins are forgiven, they don’t have to live with guilt ( Romans 8: 1-2 ).

What is repentance?

To repent is to know that what you did was wrong and to feel sad for doing a bad thing. The repentant person wants to change, to repair his mistake. It’s not just guilt, it’s a change in attitude.

The Bible says that God rejoices when someone repents of his sins ( Luke 15:10 ), because he who is repentant is ready to change his life and embrace God. Then God forgives your sins and helps you get rid of them.

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But I continue to sin. And now, does God still forgive?

Yes, if you’re really sorry. Paul, in Romans 7: 14-25 , says that he wants to do good but continues to do evil. This is a fight that everyone has because we are not perfect yet. Some sins are easy to leave when we repent, others take time and work to be delivered. The most important thing is our attitude towards sin.

When you commit a sin, you can give up and let it go, or you can fight to change and make amends ( Romans 12: 2 ). Even if you fail, if you continue to fight and trust God to give you strength, one day you will be set free.

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I regretted it and asked for forgiveness but I still feel guilty. Did God forgive me?

Yes, but the devil tries to accuse you, so that you feel that you are not forgiven and fall ( Revelation 12:10 ). When you repent but still feel guilty, you must reject that feeling, because it is misleading. Romans 8: 33-34 says:

“Who will make any accusations against God’s chosen ones? It is God who justifies them. Who will condemn them? It was Christ Jesus who died; and more, that he is risen and is at the right hand of God, and also intercedes for us. ”

Sometimes we cannot leave sin behind because there is still something to be fixed with someone. Asking another person for forgiveness can be difficult but it helps to live free from guilt. On the other hand, you may need to forgive someone ( Matthew 6:12 ). And it is still possible that you need to forgive yourself. If God forgives, then so should you.


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