What is porfia?

PORFIA is an argument, a fight, an insistence. Strife is a fight that happens when people are stubborn and insist on winning the argument, not giving their arm to cheer. The discussion becomes ugly and people say things they shouldn’t. In other contexts, strife means perseverance, striving to achieve a goal.

What does the Bible say about porphyry?

The word porfia does not appear in more modern translations of the Bible, because it is a word that nobody uses today. But the Bible says that we must avoid quarrels and controversies ( 2 Timothy 2: 23-24 ). It is not good to ruin a friendship because of a difference of opinion.

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Where there are people, there are different opinions and tastes. When everyone respects each other, it is even pleasant to have friendly discussions about our opinions. Reflecting on other points of view helps us to form more informed opinions ( 1 Thessalonians 5:21 ). Strife only happens when people forget about love and respect.

When we have a very strong opinion on a subject, we need to be very careful not to fall into trouble. We can be insistent but we cannot fall into disrespect ( Proverbs 11:12 ). It is very important to be careful with words, so as not to provoke a fight.

Controlling what we say is not always easy ( James 3: 2 ). If we fall into the sin of strife, we must ask forgiveness from God and the person we fight with. God always forgives those who repent. Strife creates division but the church of God must be united, avoiding strife.

On the other hand, sometimes stubbornness is useful. We must strive to do God’s will, without giving up or compromising our faith. We must strive, or fight, with temptation, rejecting sin and following Jesus ( James 4: 7 ).


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