What does God say about sin? What is sin?

The Bible says that sin separates people from God and leads to death. Because of sin, the earth has been cursed and we have many problems ( Genesis 3: 17-19 ). But, because God loves us, He sent his son Jesus to deliver us from sin and restore our relationship with Him.

What is sin? What is the meaning of sin?

Sin in the Bible has three definitions:

  1. Do not reach the level– God’s standards are perfect, they have a very high level; when we don’t reach that level in our lives, we are in sin ( Romans 3:23 ).
  2. Distort or deviate from the norms– when we do not follow God’s standards, or change the standards to be contrary to God’s, we sin ( Romans 1:18 ).
  3. Rebellion against standards– that is, when we reject God’s standards ( Romans 8: 7 ).

Sin can mean both our actions and our nature. The Bible says that we do things that are sin and that sin is a part of us, like a chronic illness. We tend to sin. This does not mean that we are not guilty; each person can choose to sin or not.

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What are the consequences of sin?

  • Separation from God– this is the worst consequence; God is good and cannot live with sin, which is bad; turning away from the love of God leads to all other consequences.
  • Death– because of sin we suffer physical death, because we are imperfect and what is imperfect does not last ( Romans 6:23 ).
  • Insecurity and loss of meaning– in God we find our identity; without Him, life ceases to make sense.
  • Slavery to the devil– everything that is far from God belongs to the devil; we become his slaves when we sin ( 1 John 3: 8 ).
  • Problems with other people– sin often harms people around us and ruins relationships.

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How can I be free from sin?

Accepting Jesus as their master and savior. Jesus died on the cross to pay the price you were supposed to pay for your sins ( 1 John 2: 2 ). When you recognize your sins, ask for forgiveness and accept Jesus as your savior, your sins are blotted out. This does not mean that what you did is not a problem (you are still going to die) but now you have a second chance. And this time you receive a new nature, inclined towards good, because you are united with God.

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Whoever has Jesus still sins, because the old nature of sin is still there, struggling with the new nature. But by asking for forgiveness and with God’s help, you can overcome this nature. You no longer have to live in sin, unable to get out.


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