How Can We Define “Business Ideas”?

Everyone who wants to start a business will deal with “business ideas” first. Like a painter who wants to paint a beautiful painting, the painter definitely needs an idea or concept of what they want to draw on canvas. It’s the same with business ideas , business ideasrole as life in a business activity. Business people will try to find creative business ideas, unique business ideas, even innovative creative business ideas. Choosing the right business idea is difficult and easy, but nowadays there are many ways and strategies to choose a business idea that we can use to select the best business idea. Then, what is meant by a business idea? Business ideas are concepts or ideas that can be developed and used to obtain financial benefits that are usually associated with products and services offered and sold to consumers for money.


Most of us will probably wonder in my heart, about how to start a business? Or how to find business ideas and business opportunities that work for us? Now, to solve all the turmoil in the article this time we will discuss about what things need to be done in determining business ideas and starting a business that is right for us? In other words, we will focus on what ways we can choose the right business idea for ourselves. So, we will run the business we founded with all my heart, and of course with very high motivation.


According to the balance smb dot com website, there are 4 important questions we can ask ourselves when wanting to choose the right business idea, aka suitable for those of us who want to become successful business people or entrepreneurs. Curious? Let us consider the following explanation.


1. What are the goals of my business?

The first question that needs to be asked to yourself is to determine what we want to get from the business to be established. In other words, it is important for us to find out the goals we want to achieve when we decide to get out of the office and start our own business. Some of the questions below we can ask to find out our goals in doing business:

– Am I looking for additional income?

– Do I start a business just to get a gift or award from another manufacturer?

– Do I start a business because I want to have more time with children and spouse at home? or Do I start a business because this is my latent passion ?


Some of the questions above can dig up honest answers from our hearts regarding our business goals. If our intention is to find additional income, then we need to design a business idea . However, if we only want to get gifts, awards, and new products for free from other manufacturers, then we can do business by becoming a reseller of their products and selling them to other consumers.


What if we want to do business rather casually, so we have enough time with the children at home? Well, this is a sign that we must choose a business idea that does not take much time, because we will be overwhelmed to take care of children from 9 am to 5 pm every day. The last point, if fellow readers establish a business because it is your passion for a long time. For example, one of the passion and goals of fellow readers is to make cute clothes for children in tropical countries such as Indonesia. Now if your fellow readers have set the desired business goals, now is the time for us to go to the next question.


2. What Do I Like to Do in Life?

Setting up a business to find additional income will not be enough. Another way to choose the right business idea is to find out what activities or jobs we like to do? This is very important, colleagues! Especially when we start a business, we need to sacrifice time, money, energy, and even tears if we encounter big challenges that risk the success of our business.


Logically, if we choose a business idea that is relevant to something we like, then our business life will run very pleasant. If your fellow readers choose to do something that is outside of your interests, it’s better to just stop. In fact, most successful business people always sell or make something they really like. That is why they can be successful and always driven to innovate. Now so that Career Advice colleagues can find what activities you like, some of the questions below can be used as a guide to find out the right business idea for you.

– What do your fellow readers do to spend free time?

– Do you have one or two hobbies that can be used as a business?

– Do your fellow readers like to do voluntary work?

– If you have a dream job in life, what would you like to do?


Some of these questions can lead us to activities or jobs that we really like or passion in our lives. If in our free time we like farming, why don’t we open a business selling pots and plants? If we have a hobby of singing, then why don’t we try to be singers on special occasions? Maybe it can start with filling the wedding of our closest best friend. Determine what things we like to do, then we will find the right business ideas to run.


3. What Do I Want to Learn in Life?

Although we already know what activities we like to do, but there may be many things that actually interest us, but we have never learned before. Say your fellow readers really like to speak in public , whether it’s being a presenter or a speaker .


Well, there is one thing that is actually not included in the expertise of fellow readers, but fellow readers feel very interested in trying it. For example, fellow readers like to hear other people speak in French, eventually fellow readers make the decision to learn French.


In fact, learning something new is not only challenging our adrenaline, but if we do it seriously, these new skills can become new business opportunities for us.


Try to imagine if your fellow readers are really serious about learning French. When your fellow readers are already proficient in this foreign language, you can open a freelance translator business. Wow this is a good business idea, isn’t it? Rather than just trial and error, it gradually becomes a profitable business idea and business opportunity. So, what do you want your fellow readers to learn to make your next business idea?


4. What is the smartest thing I do?

This fourth question might be the most effective way to find the right business idea for us. This is not about something we like to do, not about the purpose in our lives, and not about what we want to learn in life. This is about expertise that is already integrated within us, so it can be called a “talent” that we have had since birth.


When fellow readers already know what talents you have, then these talents can be used as the right business idea for fellow readers to do. For example, fellow readers like cameras and are very good at taking photos of people or natural scenes. This expertise can be used by fellow readers to become a reliable photographer, both part time business or business that is used as the main profession.


Unfortunately, it is indeed quite difficult to know the expertise we have. However, we still have other ways to find out. If until now your fellow readers are still confused about what talents or expertise your fellow readers have, then you can ask this to those closest to you. For example, ask your spouse, parents or closest relatives. They are special people who know and understand the talents we have had so far.


So, when your fellow readers want to choose the right business idea for your business, don’t forget to do the ways above by asking 4 questions namely, “What is the goal of your business? What do you like to do? What do you want to learn? and what can you do well? ” After reading the article above, we hope your fellow readers can find the right business idea for you. .


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