What are Freelance Writers?

Have your fellow readers been interested in switching professions to become freelance writers? If “yes”, wait a minute, make sure your fellow readers know and understand what is meant by freelance writers before your fellow readers decide to pursue this profession. Freelance writer is someone who makes writing as his profession and works on an entrepreneurial basis, without being bound by any organization or company by contract. In other words, a freelance writer can also be referred to as an independent writer. We can also define a freelance writer as a writer who works with his writings for more than one client and this freelance salary is paid in terms of per writing assignment they make.


The work of the writer is indeed a lot of work by people who have a pile of ideas or like to read, so that he is quite clever in spilling all his thoughts into a writing. This profession has become one of the favorite professions because we do not need to be bound by tight working hours, but can still produce extraordinary work. In addition, today more and more Indonesian writers whose writings are inspiring more people to start writing as well. Some began to become article writers, book writers, and even novel writers. Not only that, they also began downloading applications for novice writers, joining the creative writers community or entering the online freelance work community to start sending their written works.


Now, if your fellow readers are very interested in becoming a freelance writer , then your fellow readers should know a few things that you must understand and consider, before going further as a freelance writer. According to the dot com business website, there are 4 things we need to know before deciding to become a freelance writer. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. We need to set clear goals and expectations for this work.

Being a freelance writer is different from being a full time employee working in an office. An employee knows what they have to do, business direction and goals are well structured in the company’s vision and mission, the salary received is also regularly every month. But, this will not be obtained when we decide to become a freelance writer.


Becoming a freelance writer means being a boss or the main leader for your own career. There is no one who can help us to complete the work and nothing else can help to check the results of our work. Everything must be done by ourselves, because we are responsible for all the work that exists.


Therefore, the first thing we need to do is set clear and firm goals and expectations in carrying out this freelance writer profession. For example, fellow readers should set the freelance salary you expect for each post that is made. Determine our expectations from the start such as, how much is the pay, how much time can we do, and so forth.


Everything must be clear and delivered in a strict manner. Even though being a freelance writer is a special thing because it can work remotely, but clear goals and expectations will secure us from irresponsible clients.


In this case, fellow readers can try to draft a contract that can be learned through online examples that are usually used by online freelance writers. Through this written contract, our clients will know and understand our goals and expectations in the work we complete.


2. The atmosphere around us will be quiet and maybe we will also feel a little lonely.

Even though there is a lot of work piled up before him, the life of an employee in the office can still joke with his coworkers on the sidelines of work hours. Office employees can also go to lunch together or go to dinner, then karaoke together after work hours.


Unfortunately, freelance writers can’t feel this crowd anymore. Usually we can chat with other coworkers when the work is over, now we are only dealing with our laptop or computer to complete our writings.


This is the second thing we need to know when we decide to become a freelance writer. Like it or not, we will feel lonely and the environment around us will feel quiet, not the same as when we work in an office. Now to overcome this, we can work on our writing in some comfortable places that allow us to hear the voices of others, even though we do not interact directly with them.


By being close to other people physically, this is enough to make us feel part of them (even without interaction). In addition, conversations that we might hear in the noise of cafes or restaurants can also be our inspiration in writing tablets! So, don’t isolate ourselves too often when writing, colleagues.


3. Our income will fluctuate.

Besides feeling more lonely, we also need to know one thing that the income we will get may not be as stable or the same as when we were still working in the office. In other words, our income will fluctuate (up and down).


Why is that? Let us remember again that when we were freelance writers, we were bosses, leaders, secretaries and accountants for our own careers. So, no one can guarantee our salary or income per month, except the regulation and persistence of ourselves.


What we can do in this case is to expand networking and join the existing freelance writing community. As our networking expands, our business opportunities will become wider.


4. Stick to One or Two Main Targets.

When deciding to become a freelance writer, we may face a lot of uncertainties in life. We don’t know whether the client will choose us to be their freelance writer or not, we don’t know whether the client will pay for our work on time, we don’t know whether our writing is in line with client’s expectations, and so on.


But whatever it is, as a freelance writer we must remain confident and confident to achieve one or two main targets that we have. For example, we have the belief that we can achieve our main target, which is to become a famous blogger writer. To achieve these targets, a freelance writer must be sure that every effort he makes will lead to the desired success.


We cannot expect the lives of freelance writers to be the same as employees in the office, where employees will receive guidance from their managers or leaders to continue to be directed in achieving their goals. But that’s the challenge, we must stick to the targets we have, at least one or two main targets we have.


Yep! Those are 4 things we need to know before we actually become a freelance writer. So, have your fellow readers been convinced to become a freelance writer? Keep your spirits up,


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