Before knowing what is meant by “renting an office”, we need to know the definition of “office” itself. What do you mean by office? Office is a designation for a place, whether a room or building that is used as a place of work or commerce. What about the understanding of the office according to experts? Understanding the office can be interpreted as an organizational unit consisting of places, staff and administrative operations that are useful to help the leaders or business owners in the organization. On the other hand, another expert also gave his opinion on the definition of office. According to other experts, an office is any place or space that is often used to do a job. And in general, the notion of office space is a space,get the job done . That is why we often hear the word office space or office building.


In this case, the office has several functions and some functions of the office include receiving, recording and organizing information. So, why is the presence of an office so important? What is the purpose of establishing an office? The purpose of the office is to make it easier for everyone who works in one vision and missionthe same for exchanging and receiving information, so that all elements of office administration are easier to communicate. Now in the modern era like now, we can see modern offices from one end of the road to the other end of the building with towering buildings and beautiful buildings. Eits, but what is meant by modern offices? Modern offices are office buildings whose designs adjust to the times with a very good layout.


Now for Career Advice colleagues who may be planning to start a business or have started it, and want to find an office space to rent, this might be a matter that is difficult for you. But don’t worry anymore, because in this article we will discuss some ways that can be a guide for renting an office for the first time.


According to the balance smb dot com website, there are 8 tips that are useful for us to rent an office the first time. From these 8 tips, we will have guidance on how to get an overview of office rental budgets, how to divide office space, and so on. What’s more, taking the decision to rent office space is not easy, because we will have a lot of consideration about this. So, let’s just take a look at the following explanation.


1. Make a Choice Between Renting a Special Office or Coworking Room.

Before planning to rent an office further, fellow readers need to consider this first point. Fellow readers can choose between renting an office specifically used for your business and company or just renting a coworking room, which may be more affordable than an office.


First of all, fellow readers must know what size your team is, is it a big team or just a small team? If the team that your fellow readers have is very large and the budget for office rentals is available, then renting an office is a good idea. However, if the team consists of only a few people and the office rental budget is still inadequate, then hiring coworking is a brilliant idea .


Although many Indonesian offices have been rented at low prices, coworking rooms are also quite tempting for millennial business owners today. In addition to having a minimalist office space and modern office layout, coworking space can help us to interact with many people from other companies or businesses. Why is it cheaper? Because if we rent an office, then we need to spend a budget for office furniture, electricity, water, telephone lines, Wifi, decoration or design of office space, and so forth.


2. Choose the Right and Strategic Office Location.

If your fellow readers have made the choice between a special office space and coworking space, then now is the right time to choose the right and strategic office location for your business. We need to determine whether we will rent an office in the city center, suburbs or maybe in the countryside? The consideration might be that renting an office in the city center would be quite expensive, but its location would be easily reached by employees, investors and other business partners.


We also need to consider that the office location must have the following points:

– Close to public transportation access, so easily accessible.

– Close to restaurants, canteens (food court) and other food and beverage hawkers.

– Close to shopping centers (optional).

– Pay attention to the security of the chosen location, is it prone to flooding? Is it safe from thieves?

– Pay attention to traffic around office locations.

– Pay attention to parking spaces for visitors to our office, so that we can ensure our employees and clients will not have trouble finding parking.


By paying attention to these important things, we will succeed in finding the right and strategic office location for all parties.


3. Consider the Office Size and Layout of the Selected Location.

This third point is also important for us to consider when wanting to rent an office for the first time. Yep! Maybe this will be a pretty difficult question when we have never rented an office before, but there are two important questions that fellow readers can use as a guide to consider the size of the office and location layout that has been selected, namely as follows:

– How many employees do we have?

– How much office space do we need?


If the number of employees becomes more and more over time and the office space contract period is still long, then fellow readers can take other solutions by applying flexible working hours, so that all employees do not need to come to work at the same time. Another solution that can be taken is to recruit freelance employees or employees who are willing to remote work (work remotely) . Oh yes, there are also some important rooms that we need to prepare in the office, which are as follows:

– Meeting room (meeting room).

– The directors’ workspace (CEO)

– Toilet

– Pantry

– Workspace of employees

– Guest lounge for clients, business partners or customers,

– Warehouse, etc.


4. Customize the Office Space We Want.

After determining the location of the office rental, taking into account the size of the office and its layout, it is time for us to customize the office space we want. We can decorate office space based on our company’s vision and mission.


For example, if our company is engaged in the digital field, then we can use some office furniture related to digital. We can also hang a few picture frames that contain interesting quotes related to work motivation in the digital era like now.


However, we also need to make sure to the office owners beforehand yes colleagues. This is to ensure that the office space owner does allow us to customize the office space according to what we want. So, before we sign an office rental contract, make sure everything is clearly conveyed yes.


5. Arrange Office Rental Costs and Other Additional Costs.

Now, it’s time to talk about the arrangement of office rental fees. Setting up a budget for renting an office is indeed quite complicated. We need to think about how much it costs to rent office space per month or to rent office space (office) for the next five years, as well as other unexpected costs.


In addition to thinking about the cost of renting an office, we also need to draft other costs that we may need to spend when we have started renting. For example, the cost of purchasing office furniture (sofas, work desks, work chairs), office supplies (office stationery), printers, telephones, facsimile machines, air conditioners and so on. If your fellow readers are not interested in buying all of the office equipment and supplies, your fellow readers can rent them from one of the vendors that you have surveyed before.


Are there other costs we need to put in the budget? Yep! Another budget that we recommend is financing to create signage boards that consist of our company logo. In addition, company brochures and business cards also need to be included in the budget. The aim is to make it easier for us to promote our company to investors, business partners, clients and customers.


6. Consider extending the office rental time.

The sixth thing that we need to consider is to extend the time of office rental where we have a great opportunity to get a much cheaper rental price per month. If we want to rent office space for a longer period of time, then we need to consider whether the office space can continue to be adequate for our business activities in the next year or five years? If “yes”, then continue this plan, but if it is deemed to be inadequate then we can rent an office in just a few months.


7. Think about the Exit Strategy of the Office Rental Contract in a Good Way.

If your fellow readers feel that the office space you are renting is currently inadequate, your fellow readers should discuss this matter with the office owner (owner) in a good manner. For example, asking if there are fines that we must pay when exiting before the specified contract period. That’s why knowing all the policies and regulations contained in the contract from the beginning before signing is something we really need to do.


8. Choose Office Space Very Wisely.

Finally, from all the tips that have been submitted before, we need to choose office space with all the wisest considerations as possible. We must know who we will work with later, whether they are millennial employees, gen Z employees, Baby Boomers, or maybe we will unite all of these generations.


We must consider the atmosphere and comfortable office environment for all employees. The more employees feel comfortable with the office environment, the more productive employees will be with their work.


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