Business without business experience

Starting a business without business experience is difficult. However, starting your business can be rewarding. Most people think about starting a business at some point in their life. But due to lack of proper guidance it is not possible to start.

Getting started is really the most challenging thing. The following are some of the guidelines that can be followed to make business successful.

Create business plans

A business plan has to describe each aspect of the business in detail. There will be a detailed description of who will be the customer, starting with the budget and how to reach the customer.

Also include your company’s incidental costs, labor time, sales process, etc. in the business plan. Use spreadsheets to save all the information in this case.

Define your customer base

Analyze the product you are producing from the perspective of your target customers. Also try to know what they need and what they want. Try to know what your customer base should be.

That is, you need to understand why they will buy your product or service. In this case it is very important to define a competitive customer base.

Research customer trends

You have to do a lot of homework to identify completely new products or trends. That is, you need to do homework to identify what kind of product customers are most inclined towards in recent times.

Identifying new trend trends can impact customers in the long run. For example, social media. What is currently affecting people the most is communication.

In this case, you can talk to local school-college students to identify new trends. Besides, you can get some ideas at home by reading magazines, online news portals and books.

Research the competition

Research your competition before starting a business. Don’t overlook the competition in anything. Learn from your competitors without actually following them.

Check how much competitors charge when pricing your product or service. Also try to find out what is in your product that is not in the competitor’s product. And it can easily be introduced to your customers as a unique product.

Low cost

You have to be creative about costs and try to keep costs down as much as possible. If you can keep costs down, you can make more profit. In this case, you should also keep a close eye on phone bills and printing costs to minimize costs.

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Try to know in advance what the costs can be to reduce costs.

Determine your profit margin

Determine the amount of profit you want to earn on each transaction. For example, the sale price of a product is 5 rupees.

And the cost of production of the product is 5 rupees. Then you have made a profit of 20 rupees from that product. In this case, you can use online calculator to calculate profitability.

Don’t rely too much on debt


Starting a business based on debt can be very risky. Moreover, most of your profit will be spent on repaying the loan.

So try to start a business with your own money as much as possible. If not possible find an investor or partner who will share the risks of your business.


Depending on what kind of product or service you sell, it’s important to determine your business location. However, when determining the location, it must be determined with the utmost importance. Because the position of that business is very important for any business to be successful.

For most businesses, a lot of people have to decide where to attend. So by studying the demographics, try to determine the location that has the potential to get the most customers.

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