How to start a business while employed

You do not think you will do business or leave business, you are doing less and more jobs. Starting a business while working is a difficult challenge. In today’s article, I will try to discuss how to start a business and how to do business.

There are many reasons to start a business when you are employed. Notable of them – not wanting to be under anyone, living life on your own, making limitless money, and so on. Hopefully the readers of BanglaPreneur will get some thoughts by reading this article.

Calculate the time

Find out how many hours you are working in the office and how many hours you have at the end of the day. Then find out how many hours it takes for your personal work.

For example – you wake up at 5am and start working from 9am and continue for 1.5 minutes. Then it was 4 o’clock to come home. This time you are free from 3am to 5pm which you are looking to do business at this time.

Many can offer business in the field for 5 to 8 hours. Also, on the holidays you can give business extra time if you want. So we have a clear idea that, on the job, you can use the business for an average of 4 hours if you want.

A business that can be started while employed

  1. You can start a joint venture business, especially those that are business oriented. It is best to have 4 owners for this business. Shops can be shipped in turn. Examples – Clothes showroom, shoe store, toy store, crockery products, etc.
  2. E-commerce. Unlike many products, you can start e-commerce as a part-time business with two or three products. You can continue the business through the courier service from the office where you receive orders for the products throughout the day. Take a look at holiday marketing. I believe that doing business with patience and honesty will be beneficial.
  3. Part-time online blogger. If you want to go out of your office to work all day, you can blog online. If you work with talent and patience you can earn more than office pay. Read more – Why trade licenses to start a business.
  4. The laundry business. Recently the laundry business is well known as a successful business. You can do this business with one or two employees. You can monitor yourself from noon to night. The probability of this business being lost is very low. Laundry business can be started with a little money. However, before taking the laundry shop, the market must be verified.
  5. Apply in IPO Share Many employers are involved with this business today. There is no alternative to this business if you want to share a risk free business. Paruna how to apply to the shares aipiote

Special Note: Never quit your job and do business without feeling overwhelmed. You will quit your job only if your job is generating more revenue from your business

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