Broiler chicken farm for meat production

Have you ever wondered how much a pound of native chicken would have been if there were no boiler chicken? Not below the 5 bucks. However, at present, profits have dropped on broiler chicken farms, which is not good news for leaveners. This post is intended to give you ideas on how to build a broiler chicken farm in today’s post. 

Broiler chicken farm for meat production

With how much money can a broiler chicken farm be started?

Broiler chicken farms are very important for meat production in Bangladesh. You need to start a business with a small amount of capital early. Gradually, as the experience increases, the amount of investment can be increased. The broiler chicken farm can be started with Tk.

Why You broiler chicken farm business do ?

The broiler chicken farm business is a lucrative business that has been in operation in our country for many years. One of the reasons for starting this business as a Layer Poultry business is that you can take it as a part time business. Second, you can meet the needs of your family and your community. Thirdly, you can arrange for work. Moreover, it is possible to manage this business with other businesses at home, but skilled people will have to be recruited. Get started working on your own, recruit people as the business grows.

How broiler chicken farm business will

The main purpose of broiler chicken breeding is to produce meat. A day old baby who weighs between 3 and 5 grams. The main business of this one-day baby is to buy and sell big. However, depending on how big you are, a lot of things to do. Many sell chicken up to 2kg and many sell only if it is 5 grams. However, the cost of the farm will increase as the chickens age. It is wise to sell only 5 kg.

The house should be built in the right size for the farm. In high places, it is better to build a house in a space that can handle air and the communication facilities.

 How to market broiler chicken

If the farm is large, you can sell it at a wholesale price, but the profit is low but good. If the farm is small, it can be sold at retail or by the shop itself.

Do you need any special qualifications?

Anyone who has farmed a broiler chicken farm in the past will need to find out the details. Don’t be disappointed Saphla will come.

Are there any special advantages of broiler chicken farm business?

  1. It is possible to make extra income by selling the chicken bull to fish envelopes.
  2. It is possible to make good profit if you can manage it properly in small capital.
  3. It is easy for any member of the house to look after.
  4. This business can be managed for a long time if managed properly.

What are the risks to this business?

Like all businesses, broiler chicken business has its risks. The temperature of the chicken should be taken into consideration. Vaccine can be avoided at the right time. There is no particular risk other than chicken disease.

How To Be A Successful Broiler Chicken Farm Business

If you can give chicken by making chicken meal, the profit is much higher. So if you keep eating the right values ​​then success will come.

How much money can be made

It is possible to gain 22% + – – by broiler chicken

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