How much money can be started to raise cattle?

Cattle raising is a lucrative business. But this business can be done all year long and only for a fixed period of time. Many have eliminated unemployment by having cattle farms or cattle raising projects for meat production . Others have used this business as a means of extra income.

Cattle obesity is an ancient method. In the past, cattle cattle breeding projects have been underway in our country. Many unscrupulous businessmen are making money by eating the harmful herb cows in the greed of money, which is now understood by the people of our country.

How much money can be started to raise cattle?

This project can be started with cattle raising 2/3 cows. Can be started with Tk 1 lakh as the initial investment. Especially after the Eid-ul-Fitr, buying more cows from the village Ganj and sacrificing them up to Kurbani can be a good benefit in the short run.

Every day, cows should be given 1 to 2 kg of granular food for fattening of cows.

Rules for making beef

The correct rule for making 3kg of food

Wheat husk – 1 kg

Rice straw – 20.5 kg

Whiskey for any bucket – 1 kg

Khail – 25kg

Salt – 1.5 kg

In addition, 5% of the vitamin mineral should be consumed.


Every two days the cow should be bathed. Large quantities of raw gass must be consumed. He should start this business during the monsoon. It has a lot of raw gasses as well as beef prices are relatively low.

What are the risks of this business?

All businesses are at risk and there is a way out. The right vaccine should be given to the cows at the right time. If any problems arise, you should go to the veterinarian and seek advice.

How much money can you make

By keeping three to four months, one can earn 1/3 thousand per cow. The cows have to take the right yanta along with the necessary khabab. Then success will come.

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