With how much money can a layer chicken farm be started?

Layer chicken farms are very important for egg production in our country. You need to start a business with a small amount of capital early. In addition to increasing the experience gradually, the amount of investment can be increased. Layer chicken farm can be started with Tk.

Why do you do the Layer Chicken Farm business?

Layer chicken business is a lucrative business that has been operating in our country for many years. One of the reasons for starting this business is that you can take part-time business. Second, you can meet the demand for eggs for your family and society. Thirdly, you can arrange for work. Moreover, it is possible to conduct this business at home, but skilled people will have to be recruited. Get started working on your own, recruit people as the business grows.

How to do a Layer Chicken Farm Business

The main purpose of rearing chickens is to produce eggs. If you buy a baby one day, you will have to flee for 3 weeks. From 1 week onwards the egg will start laying, which lasts about 3 weeks. He has to choose the good variety of chicken in the field. Depending on the color and type of the egg, there are two types of lager mugri.

  1. White egg-producing chickens – Lohman White, Shaver White, Isa White, etc.
  2. Brown egg-producing chickens – Isa Brown, Shaver 1, Lohman Brown and so on.

Farms can be made more profitable by farming with good varieties of chicken.


How to market layered chicken eggs

Marketing is one of the easiest jobs for this business. Pikers will come to your farm and collect eggs. If you want to make a lot of profit, you can hire yourself and deliver eggs at the shop.

Do you need any special qualifications?

No special abilities are needed. Learn about the experience of talking to those who are pastor farms now or now. However, many will tell you that this business is not profitable, they have no idea why. However, it is not a problem if you can farm the chicken on your own without hearing the buzz.


Are there any special benefits layer chicken farming business?

  1. Can be started on a small amount of capital.
  2. Layer chicken can be farmed as part-time business.
  3. Any member of the household can look after.
  4. This business can be managed for a long time if managed properly.


What are the risks to this business?

Like all businesses, there are risks to the layer chicken business. Vaccine can be avoided at the right time. There is no particular risk other than chicken disease.

How To Be Successful Layer Poultry Farms Businesses

Making profits in the first 5 years is a very difficult task. Be careful, if you can move forward according to the proper plan, it is possible to make a lot of profit from next year.

How much money can be made

It is possible to make up to 20% of the profit by keeping layer chickens. However, if you can make a meal by keeping the right standard by itself, the profit can be up to 5%.

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