What Is Brickplayer In Basic Construction Work

Bricklayer . Person who performs all kinds of basic construction work: elevation of walls, walls and walls, placement of covers and pipes of fluids without pressure, opening of trenches, filling and leveling of formwork with concrete, preparation of cement and other non-work tasks specialized.


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  • 1 Premises and work teams
  • 2 Main tasks
  • 3 Tools
  • 4 Sources

Premises and work teams

Workplaces or spaces are all those areas through which traffic or work is carried out (workshops, warehouses, facilities, corridors, outbuildings, exteriors and others).

Main tasks

  • Build works (walls, pillars, partitions , arches, lintels …) with bricks, stones and cement blocks.
  • Place wooden or metal loading and fencing for doors and windows.
  • Cover roofs with tiles, ceramics or concrete on all types of roofs.
  • Perform other complementary or finishing operations of construction works, such as placing scaffolding, plastering, garnishing or plastering with mortars and pastes.
  • Interpret the foundation plans and rethink the foundations according to the technical documentation and instructions received.


  • Cubes
  • Polystyrene plains
  • Brush and Chisel
  • Crafts
  • Masonry Drill Bit
  • ABS trowel
  • Masonry Sergeant
  • Knife to spread the angles
  • Masonry Squad
  • Plain smooth
  • Russian tongs
  • Clamps for decoupling
  • Mason Rule
  • Leveling rulerand kneading bowl


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