What Is Aggregate In Construction

Added . Within the framework of construction materials , the aggregate must consist of clean, hard, resistant and durable particles that develop good adhesion with the cement paste , free of clay coatings and impurities that interfere with the development of cement resistance. . Since three quarters of the concrete is occupied by the aggregate, it is not surprising that its quality is of great importance. Using aggregates has technical advantages: greater volume stability and concrete durability. The aggregate is classified according to its origin, weight and size.


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Depending on their origin, aggregates or aggregates are classified as:

  • Natural aggregates: they are found in nature and come from the disintegration of rocks.
  • Artificial aggregates: Are those obtained by mechanical procedures or crushing.


According to their weight, the aggregates are divided into:

  • Normal weight aggregate.
  • Light aggregate


According to their size, the aggregates are classified as:

  • Fine aggregate: sands, are smaller than 5 mm in diameter and are considered as sand all the material that passes the sieve4 and is retained in the sieve No.200, the materials that pass through the sieve No.200 are They call silts and clays .
  • Thick aggregate: gravels, are extracted from the quarry and what results from limestone. There are mills that crush and classify the crushed rock according to size, guaranteeing granulometry .

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