Brand image

The brand image is the perception that consumers have of a company. The mental image they have created of that brand .

It is a concept that worries companies a lot and they work regularly to improve it constantly. It is important to differentiate two elements that are sometimes confused:

  1. The identity of a brand: itis the set of graphic, visual, emotional elements, etc. Show and define who we are.
  2. The brand image:is the perception that we have based on all the aforementioned elements of a brand.

Sometimes the process of making a brand image is called branding. This concept is an anglicism that refers to the process, design and creation of strategies to make a brand recognized.

Why is it important to have a good brand image?

These are the main reasons to build a good brand image:

  1. Easier to reach the public. If we manage to have an easily recognized brand image, we will reach the public first and therefore to distributors and capitalists who invest in us. A very clear example is coca cola. Who doesn’t recognize her today?
  2. Differentiate yourself from the competition. If our image is easily recognizable and builds confidence that will make potential customers choose to buy us before the competition.
  3. Higher prices. If we have managed to reach the public and generate their interest, they already know us, they have a positive mental image of ours this will not matter to have slightly higher prices since with their confidence placed in our products or services they will buy us from us.

In conclusion we have to take into account that the brand image must be worked on like other concepts in our company. It may be something intangible unlike our services or products, but it is finally very related since if we work on it through content, positioning, positive recognition by users, it will be recognized for the public and they will be attracted by We can offer you. Therefore, they will choose our products or services ahead of the competition in our market area.

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