How the brain of someone obsessed

There are dozens of obsessions and compulsions.The cases shown here are little studied by science. But there are some clues

How it works

There are dozens of obsessions and compulsions. But not all are thoroughly researched. What is known is that a good part is related to manias and rituals that are difficult to control, such as OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). This is a consequence of a problem in the interaction of genetic, environmental and neurobiological factors, which can affect the functioning of the brain

– The areas that process emotions, planning and responding to the environment have greater blood flow and an altered circuit


Behavioral Therapy

Psychotherapy is able to modify the functioning of the cortex, changing the perception of the problem and the behavior

Controlled remedies

Antidepressants act in the deepest areas of the brain, reshaping the structures of the base nuclei

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