Carnation, the sound of history

It is an ancient instrument, father of the pianos, an exact copy of another one that exists in Berlin. It is a harpsichord – so it is called this instrument – and belongs to a world-renowned musician based in Portugal.

Cristiano Holtz was born in Brazil, but has been living in Portugal for several years and has been an internationally recognized baroque instrumentalist since he started performing in 1989.

In 2010 he presented a harpsichord to the Portuguese public, which is a replica of another one from the 18th century, designed by the instrument builder, Gottfried Silbermann, a man who lived with Johann Sebastian Bach, a composer who has a great admirer in Cristiano Holtz.

Only two of his carnations survived, one in Dresden and the other in Berlin, with the latter serving as a model for the German instrument maker Matthias Kramer, at Holtz’s request.

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