Box . It is a container, with different sizes, generally in the shape of a rectangular prism , and with an opening that is covered with a lid, which can be linked to it. Its main function is associated with transporting, containing, protecting or storing materials or objects.


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  • 1 Origin
  • 2 Characteristics of the boxes
  • 3 types of boxes according to the material they are made of
  • 4 News and use
  • 5 Sources


The earliest man-made boxes were made of wood and dates back to the time of the Greeks and Romans. Then they used boots and wooden barrels. Already in 1809 the first boxes appeared, which were tied with wire , but it was not until 1825 when the first wooden boxes closed with nails began to be used , a system that continues to be used to this day. In the case of the cardboard box it was invented in China in the 16th century , but it would not be used as such until 1890 , when Robert Gairinvented the first cardboard box. With the industrial development, cardboard evolved, becoming an increasingly resistant and higher quality material. That is why cardboard boxes will end up replacing the wooden boxes used until then. In addition, cardboard is a cheaper material that could be made to measure and took up less space, but undoubtedly the great advantage is the lower environmental impact it has since it can be recycled after being used.

Box Features

  • Size of length, width and height of it.
  • Resistance, both to the stackability and to the blows that it can receive.
  • Fragility of the product that we need to pack.
  • Picture of our package.
  • Touch of our package.
  • Way of packing and unpacking.

Types of boxes according to the material they are made of

  • Wooden: They maintain their use in the storage of tobacco, vegetables, fruits and as a coffin.
  • Cardboard: They are used in storage and packaging of different objects and products, as well as food.
  • Plastic: These preserve the properties of food. Unlike their cardboard counterparts, these boxes allow food ventilation, while providing adequate protection against shocks and crushing. Furthermore, they are very easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Metal: They are generally used in industry. These boxes are designed to hold heavy and high volume merchandise. The structure is made of steel profiles. The walls and bottom enclosure are made of sheet metal or steel mesh

News and use

Today, the use of the word has also been extended to uncovered containers and some packaging. A box serves to contain, save and preserve objects and, if we speak of merchandise, to group, protect, store, transport and, sometimes, expose the merchandise at the place of sale.


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