Decal . Also known as a sticker or sticker from the English to stick, which means (to stick) is nothing more than a paper with an upside-down image prepared with a sticky substance so that it can be transferred by contact to a smooth surface. The decal is used to decorate ceramic , wood , glass , cloth , etc. objects . In the beginning, contact with water was necessary to be able to glue them, but these days it is no longer necessary to use water for its application.


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For decades, children and adults have found great fun in attaching the stickers to any part of their body or any other object within their reach: refrigerators , cell phones , notebooks , cases , etc. But its applications are already many are used as accessories for interior and exterior decoration. They are also used as a decorative element for furniture, soaps , toys , plates, dishes , clothes, etc. In the world of beauty they are widely used for nail decoration and are very fashionable .

Other uses of decal

The decals not only constitute a playful article, but with the same principle they also serve as a decorative element for furniture, soaps, toys, plates, tableware, etc. Thanks to screen printing, which is a form of direct printing, we can get many jobs.

Sticker art

Sticker art (also known as bombardment tag, marking slap, tag and tag) is a form of street art, a subcategory of postmodern art in which an image or message appears publicly using adhesive labels. These stickers can promote a political program, a comment or a political issue, comprise an avant-garde art campaign.


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