Body Positive Movement – What you need to know about

It is not new that when the media talk about models, actresses and celebrities, they usually highlight their perfect faces and bodies. The problem is that all this emphasis on a standard of unreal beauty makes many women’s self-esteem go down the drain.

Aware of this problem, some institutions are strengthening a movement called Body Positive . Have you heard about it?

If you are also affected by this pressure to adapt to a standard or simply want to better understand this movement, which seeks to encourage self-acceptance by women, read on! You will also fall in love with this concept! Check out!

In this article you will read about:

  • What is Body Positive?
  • How important is the Body Positive movement?
  • Beauty standards
  • What is the philosophy of the Body Positive movement?
  • Bonus: know the reality.

What is Body Positive?

It is an initiative that emerged with the goal of stopping women from comparing themselves to a unique and unattainable beauty standard. The purpose of the movement is to provide a positive look at one’s own body and appearance. The idea is to understand that, regardless of their size, weight, color or shape, we must value who we are.

Therefore, the Body Positive movement encourages women to look at themselves in a different way. He shows women that what they see as a “defect” is really just a trait that someone else might find very interesting.

Furthermore, it is not just about “the other likes it or not”. The Body Positive movement teaches that we should be grateful to ourselves and our bodies . After all, they are the ones that shelter our life. So, regardless of what people think or think, your characteristics can be exactly those that make you feel beautiful!

So, what the Body Positive movement does is to invite us to stop looking for the perfect body – not least because it doesn’t exist – and to look at ourselves in a positive way .

How important is the Body Positive movement?

Especially nowadays, when we are constantly exposed to the media, women are slaughtered by the demands around beauty standards. People who stand out in the media end up dictating what society expects of us.

They are not the problem in themselves, as they also need to conform to these standards. The real “X” of the issue is a society that insists on saying what women should look like. What is beautiful or ugly, how much should they weigh, what is feminine or not, what is sexy or not, for example.

In this way, we are induced to think that our faces, bodies, hair and skin are ugly or, at least, that they are not beautiful enough. Especially through the imposition of an unrealistic standard of beauty and femininity.

Beauty standards

The pattern is certainly made to cause dissatisfaction. That is why in Brazil, for example, a mixed country and full of curvaceous women, the ideal body is thin and dry. In Pakistan, whose population is of Arab origin, the perfect woman is the one who looks like a Snow White, that is, with skin and light eyes contrasting with dark hair.

As different societies manage to impose opposing standards of beauty with the ethnic characteristics of their female population, the industry profits. There is no lack of companies offering solutions to help women achieve this ideal.

However, the difficulty in reaching a standard is a very high price. It generates a reduction in self-esteem, insecurity and even an increase in cases of psychiatric diseases. Dysmorphic disorders – the person sees himself in a much worse way than his real appearance – and eating disorders are on that list.

As such, we are all subject to this pressure . In addition to the comparison that we make ourselves when we see women who represent these patterns on websites and magazines, we face malicious comments when we gain a few extra pounds, for example.

What is the philosophy of the Body Positive movement?

And so? If you have spent your entire life hearing that your body is not as beautiful as this or that person’s, how can you change that image? The Body Positive philosophy follows some principles that can help you start over. This does not happen overnight, but it is possible to take it one step at a time. Meet the pillars of the movement!

Forget about comparisons

People are different, that is a fact. So, naturally, some will be high, while others will be lower. Undeniably, some bodies are full of curves and others are more straight. All combinations of shapes and sizes are endless and generate the diversity that we see on a daily basis.

In fact, the great cruelty of comparison is that it makes a value judgment based on characteristics. Thus, people do not look and simply see that, for example, Maria is thin and Joana is fat. The problem is because they determine that one of these characteristics is good and the other is bad.

Therefore, classifying people based on normal differences is not a healthy attitude. This shows that there is a very serious distortion of thoughts. This concept is mistaken and is stealing opportunities, damaging the self – love of several women and destroying the mental health of many people.

2. Value your qualities

It is possible that you have features you like and others you don’t like. First of all, it is important to reflect on whether your list of dissatisfactions is generated by your own opinion or is conditioned precisely by comparison with the imposed standards. In the latter case, it is necessary to work very hard to free these concepts.

Furthermore, it is important to focus your attention on the characteristics you like. Why do we insist so much on highlighting what makes us ashamed , instead of valuing what makes us feel special? Beauty is in your eyes, your smile and many other attributes that deserve the spotlight!

3. Demand less of yourself and others

In addition to accepting your own body, do not be demanding or even inconvenient in relation to other women. If they have characteristics you don’t like, there is no need to express that. Eliminate the habit of criticizing them for whether or not they follow a pattern.

If there is anything you can say to support or promote acceptance, speak up. However, manifestations in another sense will do nothing to make these women see themselves positively and be happier.

4. Stay away from toxic people

Even if you are trying to change your mind, there are others who have not yet reached that stage of self-acceptance or acceptance of differences. Their opinions can prevent you from feeling safe or have a negative impact on your self-esteem or the way you see other women.

So, if your radar has detected one of these toxic friendships, don’t be afraid to walk away. If your “friend” or “friend” only knows how to criticize your body, your clothes, your attitudes and your choices, it is better to leave this coexistence in the past. It is much better to keep people around who love you as you are, understand the Body Positive philosophy and support you regardless of who you want to be.

5. Surround yourself with positive influences

It will be very difficult to change your head and see your body in a positive way, if you surround yourself with influences that reinforce these patterns. This goes for friendships, as we talked about in the previous topic, as well as for the profiles you follow on social networks, for example.

So take a look at your Instagram, for example. Who do you admire? What are the profiles you follow? Are they individuals aligned with this unattainable pattern or are they ordinary people, like us, who have all this diversity and don’t just post perfect, edited and filter-filled photos?

Try to follow real people, especially if they also understand and practice the philosophy of the Body Positive movement. Do you know what you will see there in these profiles? Folds in the belly, cellulite (which is not beautiful, but it is normal), skins with different shades and spots and freckles, dark circles … Yes, exactly like the ones we have!

Bonus: know the reality

Finally, here is a tip that is not part of the philosophy of the Body Positive movement, but it is worth highlighting: know the reality. That hyper-famous Brazilian model in the whole world can be beautiful – and we are very proud of the professional she is. However, surprisingly, neither is she as she appears on the cover of the magazine.

To stay that way, she spent hours doing hair and makeup. As if that were not enough, her photo was treated with Photoshop!

Do you know what that means? That even if she, who has all the resources in the world to take care of her appearance, is perfect, why demand it of herself? Do not compare yourself with an image that is not real.

Did you like the article? How about starting to change your mind and starting today to see yourself in a different way? You can still do good to many women by sharing this publication on social media and helping them to know these principles. We count on your participation!

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