Body language in job interviews

It is very important nowadays to have excellent body language, all the movements we make express something. All these expressions when arriving at an interview have a great impact since if there is a great incongruity that is not only verbal, if the recruiter asks you a question and you react with biting your nails or moving your hands a lot, this type will be taken into account of situations since it expects an adequate and consistent response verbally and bodily.

As they say out there The look is very important, the eyes are the window of the soul. Whenever we look a person in the eye and stare at us, you see so much security in them that it projects that security in you as well.

The same goes for recruiters. If they observe you and avoid their gaze when answering their question and you pay attention to other things because of your nervousness, you project insecurity and create worries.

We recommend trying to control your eyes, showing that you are a respectful, sincere and above all safe person.

Another point that is very difficult to control is the hands , it is normal that when we are talking we lean on them, but never exceed our movement.

By making sudden movements we can distract the recruiter and even cause nervousness in him.

We recommend having our hands balanced with our conversation, that serve as support and strength of our words.

The way we sit talking, we must take care of our body posture, this speaks to our feelings at the time we are interviewing, these mistakes are very common when sitting, if we lean too far back, we project a great deal of interest, if we do it very far we project nervousness and restlessness.

We recommend acquiring a posture where we feel comfortable, where we distribute the weight of the body so that we avoid fatigue during a long interview.

Finally, we recommend giving a smile , it is very true when they say a smile says more than a thousand words. Of course.

We express that we are a pleasant person, this would be a great channel of communication, but we must also take care that we do not fall into exaggeration.


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