What you need to know about the video resume

The video resume is nothing more than a video presentation in which the job applicant talks about himself, his aptitudes, and his abilities, achievements and ambitions. We could consider it a kind of “promotional video” of each of us as candidates.

It is increasingly common for candidates seeking employment to upload their video to broadcast platforms for this format, using it as a tool to get a personal interview.

A video resume is not something we should do lightly, it is good to follow some steps and guidelines so that it can be most effective and draw the attention of those recruiters we are targeting.

Advantages of the video curriculum

In a world where audiovisual content is the new norm, the video curriculum has some advantages, since it allows us to directly address companies, be physically seen, our gestures and our ability to express ourselves.

  • It is an audiovisual format: In a way more in line with the development of technology these days, it combines audio and video in a simple presentation.
  • It is more direct: It allows to know the candidate as he is. If we mention another language, we can demonstrate our mastery.
  • It allows to show previous works: The video does not have to be limited to the word or the text on the screen, but to the possibility of showing previous works
  • It is short and concise

Tips for making a good video resume

Repeat recording until natural speech is achieved; contrast the effect it produces with other people we meet and give us their opinion; the tone we use should be neither too serious nor too funny; If it is natural, smile, relax and create proximity.

Also, talk looking at the camera; the frame should be only from the chest up, we must include in the video some means of contact, which could be an email account created specifically for this purpose and complete our information with a link to our CV in another format or LinkedIn


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