What Is Blu-Ray Disk;

Blu-ray is a type of DVD with great capacity for storage of audios and videos of high definition . The name of the technology is a combination of the English words ” blue ” meaning “blue” (name of the color of the laser used) and ” ray “, which means “ray” (optical ray).Blue laser is one of the great innovations between the Blu-Ray and the current DVDs, which use the red laser. The blue laser has a shorter wavelength for greater accuracy in reading and writing information.

Another major difference is the storage capacity. Blu-ray Discs (Blu-ray Discs or BDs) have the capacity to store 27GB (gigabytes) of digital content – far more than standard DVD discs that hold 4.7GB of data.On a Blu-Ray disc the user can record a program while watching another program, edit programs recorded on the disc, record HDTV (High Definition), etc.

In addition, a Blu-Ray disc allows different levels of interactivity, for example, it is possible for the user to connect to the internet and download extra content made available by the producer of a movie.The development of Blu-Ray technology began in the year 2000.

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