What Is RSS Feed( Rich Site Summary) For Readers

According to the standard used, the abbreviation RSS can mean Rich Site Summary , RDF Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication .RSS Feed is a standard based on the XML language that informs the readers the news of the sites of interest . It’s a simple way for blogs and news sites to release up-to-date information without the reader having to enter the website address to get access to that information.The user interested in obtaining the updates of a certain site, must install a specific program-reader (also called aggregator) in the computer, or subscribe the RSS Feed directly in the site that offers the option of Feeds . Feed means “source” or “feeder”.

In general, browsers already have an integrated RSS reader that will organize in a list all the feeds subscribed by the user.There are also several aggregators available freely on the Internet, according to the user’s Operating System, for example: FeedReader, Pluck, Liferea, Akregator, etc.

Simpler is the use of RSS readers online, which do not bring many features, but are practical for the user because they do not require the installation of software. Some examples of online readers are: Google Reader, Bloglines, BlogTok, etc. .

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