What Is Gmail:How Does This Email Service Works

Gmail or Google Mail (where ” mail ” means “correspondence”) is a free email service created by the American company Google. Since the service’s launch date, on April 1, 2004, Gmail has revolutionized the e-mail market with a wide range of user resources.

Initially, access to the Gmail service was only possible by invitation, but in 2007 the service became accessible to the public.

A major differential of the Gmail service compared to the competition is the storage space. At the beginning, each user had a free space of 1 GB. Over time, this space has become increasingly larger (more than 10 GB), with the possibility of buying more space if necessary.

Gmail describes that the top 10 reasons to use the service are:

  1. Less Spam
  2. Message Search Service
  3. Displaying grouped messages
  4. Voice and video chat
  5. Mobile access
  6. Large storage capacity
  7. Labels, filters and stars to organize messages
  8. Priority inbox for important emails
  9. Secure service
  10. Totally Free

The Gmail service also gives users the ability to use their own domain in a Gmail account, for example, “yourname@yourdomain.com”. It’s an interesting service for those who want to continue using Gmail, but to advertise a business address on their business card.

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